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HICA Max Chews 90 Tabs

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HICA-by Labrada brand promotes muscle growth by improving and increasing the presence of Leucine available in the body

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Hica-Max Labrada is a supplement of alpha hydroxy isocaproic acid, a metabolite of Leucine that stimulates protein synthesis and muscle growth. It is a new generation product included in the category of non-hormonal stimulators that support muscular anabolism, it helps the athlete to gain muscle strength and endurance by delaying the beginning of weariness and muscle soreness.

Recent scientific studies have observed this metabolite of Leucine, unlike HMB, hydroxy-Methyl Butyrate, which has effects mainly on strength, HICA has effects on growth, since it is a metabolite it does not increase with a greater integration of Leucine, but it must be introduced in a specific way especially when it is necessary to support very heavy workouts that require constant effort for a very long period of time. The effects of this supplement are very important, first of all you can notice an explosive gain of the available force, after training you speed up your own recovery to support the formation of muscle mass.

Hica-Max increases the presence of  Leucine available for the muscles
Finally, as a stimulator, it delays muscle pain and creates a condition of well-being that allows for longer training times and therefore improved physical preparation.

Hica-Max Labrada is the result of the most advanced studies on muscle growth. In fact, this metabolite of Leucine is considered by many to be the most powerful anabolic stimulator in the coming years. It has several advantages, first and foremost it is not a hormonal stimulator, it is totally natural and active different mechanisms compared to other products that for years have been used in the field of sports nutrition.

It is much more potent than Leucine, it is naturally present in the muscles and has recently been observed in fermented foods such as wine, cheese or soy sauce. With this supplement you can go to work on muscle soreness, a very particular condition that can disturb the athlete during or after training, especially if the body is unable to support the intense physical effort. For the sportsman who wants to achieve lean muscle mass with harder and more sculpted muscles, this supplement is the ideal product.

Features of Hica-Max Labrada
Non-hormonal muscle growth stimulator;

Leucine metabolite naturally present in the muscles;

Works in combination with HMB for lean muscle growth;

muscle strength and endurance gains Increase;

it Supports exceeding the aerobic threshold,

It Combats muscle soreness.

Using this product in a consistent manner, you will quickly notice improvements in muscle recovery, especially as for time reduction among training sessions.

Hica-Max Labrada is a totally new stimulator. Very recent studies have shown how, receiving HICA from external sources, the muscles automatically increase protein synthesis, amino acids are absorbed with the result of greater energy and greater growth of lean muscle mass. Studies have also observed the effects of this metabolite on long-term exercises, such as running. The recommended dose of this product is one tablet up to a maximum of 3 times a day, at least once on an empty stomach and once after training.

Marca Labrada Nutrition
Made Made in USA

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