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Torrent 1,5 Kg

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Post workout supplement to optimize the anabolic window, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids with taurine and creatine, better plastic recovery and energy supply.

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Torrent Universal Nutrition 1.5 Kg is one of the most effective and tasty post workout supplements ever seen in the sports nutrition scene, this product presents a wisely dosed mixture of energy, anabolic and ergogenic compounds, such as high index carbohydrates glycemic, fast-release proteins, leucine, taurine and creatine, all of which, although in different ways, provide you with a better recovery rate and therefore greater hypertrophied results; all the ingredients used in the said US invoice supplement are widely certified and of the highest possible purity, so as to make them more available at a metabolic level.

This supplement is particularly indicated in the periods in which you want to increase lean muscle mass, in fact it contains elements that allow a whole series of biological metabolic mechanisms that lead to a better anabolism and therefore to the synthesis of new muscle tissues; through Torrent Universal you will have all the essential nutrition to support protein synthesis, to restore glycogen stocks, and to provide insulin boost and cellular hydration. Let's understand the effectiveness of this supplement of Universal Nutrition through a specific study of the ingredients.

Torrent Universal: carbohydrates, proteins and leucine, a winning trio!
The three main ingredients of Torrent Universal are also the most classic and effective, so let's talk about carbohydrates, proteins and an amino acid that is the first responsible for the activation of a correct anabolism, lhere below specifically and in their different characteristics:

glucose blend of maltodextrin, waxy maize and d-glucose, three different types of carbohydrates to provide energy but also insulin increase to allow the entry of nutrients into the cell;

partially hydrolyzed whey proteins, which is the form of whey protein with the fastest release of amino acids, immediately after training there is the need to provide plastic nutrition in a very short time to avoid catabolism;

three types of leucine, Akg, ethyl ester and n-acetyl, this is one of the Bcaa, the one that most of all is directly involved with myogenesis and with the activation of anabolic signaling like mTorc, besides the byproducts of this amino acid ( the Kic and the Hmb) are powerful antiproteolithics.

Finally a small separate discussion for taurine, an element that has several interesting characteristics from a sport point of view. It is in fact a compound with an insulin-like action, thus mimicking the cellular thrust caused by the hormone we mentioned above, it is an excellent cellular moisturizer, this means that it favors volumes and exchange of macronutrients between cellular compartments with different concentrations and finally, but only by order, taurine stimulates the production of GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter of the central nervous system and that therefore gives rise to to a mile recovery from a neural point of view.

Creatine monohydrate for Torrent Universal Nutrition, let's find out why
All the elements we have talked about so far would already be more than enough to properly assist post-workout recovery, but Universal Nutrition, as we know, leaves nothing to chance, and for this reason the creatine; this ergogenic tripeptide, that is capable of improving performance, helps the energy metabolism of the ATP, promotes glycogen resynthesis, and not least, increases the speed of metabolism, an interesting aspect if we consider that the metabolic capacity to use nutritional resources provided is directly proportional to this speed. finally we summarize in short the peculiarities of Torrent 1.5kg:

made in the USA, with qualitative raw materials;
it improves protein synthesis and post workout recovery;
it increases cell volume;
it is soluble and tasty even in a little liquid.

Marca Universal Nutrition
Made Made in USA

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Torrent 1,5 Kg

Torrent 1,5 Kg

Post workout supplement to optimize the anabolic window, carbohydrates, proteins and amino acids with taurine and creatine, better plastic recovery and energy supply.

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