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Pantalone lungo da Uomo

These pants were developed in close cooperation with Tony Sentmanat – a GASP athlete and a leading tactical training instruction in the United States. Nothing has been spared in the development of these pants and every detail is designed to provide the highest level of comfort while withstanding extreme wear and tear that comes along with tactical training. The comfort and versatility of these pants make them perfect for not only tactical training but any situation where a durable and functional pair of pants that is designed for the GASP physique is needed.

Cotton/polyester blended ripstop fabric, hard-wearing cargo pants.
With features inspired by military pants.

Quality:65% Cotton 35% Polyester
Reinforced fabric: 63% Polyamide, 26% Polyester, 11% Elastane


CM S:36,5 M:38,5 L:40,5 XL:42,5 XXL:44,5
INCH S:14,5 M:15 L:16,5 XL:17 XXL:17,5

CM S:80 M:80 L:85 XL:85 XXL:85
INCH S:31,5 M:31,5 L:33,5 XL:33,5 XXL:33,5


Marca GASP
Ideale per Uomo
Made Made in USA
Condizione New
En promotion SI

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Ops Edition Cargos

Ops Edition Cargos

Pantalone lungo da Uomo

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