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Flex Denim are unique GASP jeans designed for massive athletes. They are made out of a super stretch denim fabric with a good flexibility and a shape that’s been adjusted for muscular physiques. They have a straight leg design and a comfortable, mid-height waist.

Super stretch denim with a comfortable fit
Straight leg, mid-height waist
Tailored to fit well-trained physiques

Material: 99% bomull och 1% elastan
Fit: Standard
Waist: 28=71,5 cm, 30=76,5 cm, 32=81,5 cm, 34=86,5 cm, 36=91,5 cm
Innerseam: 28=81 cm, 30=81 cm, 32=86 cm, 34=86 cm, 36=91 cm

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