Guarantee CityMuscle sells sports supplements, cosmetics and clothing with high quality standards. We buy from the manufacturing companies that, on our explicit request, certify the quality of the products through rigorous selection procedures for raw materials and control standards. Citymuscle is only the retailer of the products that it distributes and in no way the manufacturer of the same. Every product that Citymuscle selects and distributes is provided with the relative prescriptions and authorizations required by the community legislation. is responsible to the consumer for any lack of conformity existing at the time of delivery of the product and offers this warranty. The warranty concerns the conformity of the products to the description with particular reference to the composition and weight of the product. However, without compromising the quality, the products may have a different appearance from the photo on the site.

All our products are covered by warranty for any defect or defect inherent to the product itself, to be reported within 60 days of discovery. We will replace the product at our expense or refund the amount paid to the consumer, including shipping costs.


For reports on products or requests for assistance, please contact citymuscle via email at