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We took the best of the timeless classic, consulted with our athletes and added iconic stripes on each side that will visually perfect the lines of your athletic figure! And a bonus? Motivational message from all of us - from the athletes and the whole NEBBIA team: YOUR POTENTIAL IS ENDLESS! And we're confident about this because we're doing everything we can to support you on your journey to success! Believe in yourself, be persistent, and rely on your NEBBIA tank top. It won't let you down. In addition to great material, you'll be excited to find out that this tank top perfectly highlights your athletic figure - a slightly slim fit, extended length and a cut on the back, which beautifully underlines muscles and lets your trapezius stand out. It's simply a piece that not only complements your fitness closet but also guarantees comfort and maximum focus during any workout. Available in three must-have colors - white, black and brand new blue! Choose yours or treat yourself to all of them, because this is exactly the type of tank top that you'll want to wear every day!

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