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Jacket of Champions Man

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This exceptional jacket is inspired by the Mr Olympia sweatshirts made for the best athletes in the world! It is both a new-school fashion item and an old-school icon at the same time! It is a must for any true bodybuilder! Shawn Rhoden wore it non-stop and everyone who won Olympia started their journey of success wearing it! Be inspired by world-renowned athletes who, like you, did not hesitate and worked hard until they reached their goals. The original cut and stitching highlight the chest and back. Thanks to the properties of the material, the jacket is an ideal garment for the post workout, because it is soft and warm. The biggest advantage? The jacket is wrinkle-free! You will remain elegant and sexy after training and long after leaving the locker room! Is it really that you can't do without ???? Fabric: 92% POLYESTER 8% ELASTANE

Brand Nebbia
Made Made in Europe

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