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Animal Pump Pro Non-Stim pre-workout without nerve stimulants, acts on the pump, volume and mental concentration, rich in nitric oxide, creatine and glycerol stimulators

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Animal Pump Pro Non-Stim 400 gr Universal Nutrition, is a food supplement based on nutrients that act on muscle pumping, cell volumization and mental concentration.

This is a pre-workout product free of nerve stimulants, so it can also be used by those people who do not tolerate ingredients such as caffeine which can cause unwanted effects.

With the use of this formula you will optimize your performance by helping both the synthesis of energy and the neurotransmission processes that lead to a much more intense workout, especially if your diet is low in energy.

Animal Pump Pro Non-Stim: focus on the ingredients

As we almost always do, let's see what are the specific characteristics of the ingredients, in order to determine a better application but above all to fully understand their properties, and therefore:

  • Nitrosigine and citrulline are two amino acids the first in the silicate form, they are direct and indirect precursors of nitric oxide, arginine stimulates it directly while citrulline improves the levels of arginine in the blood more than arginine itself;
  • creatine monohydrate, it is a tripeptide with known ergogenic properties of energy support for the synthesis of Atp but also of cell volumization;
  • glycerol, another exceptional volumizer that attracts considerable amounts of water and with them fills the muscles also catalyzing all those metabolic reactions that occur in the presence of water.

With these first four ingredients you can get improved production of energy and new proteins, also your physical appearance during training can benefit from greater muscle swelling that will give you greater satisfaction and self-confidence to achieve better results.

Then we have the nutritional complex for foucs and mental energy, these are nutrients that act on neurotransmission both by providing greater stimulation to the release of catecholamines and to the synthesis of other types of non-hormonal neurotransmitters.

This type of compounds are desirable to use especially when you follow a low-calorie and hypoglucidic diet which is stressful and causes an easier depletion of hepatic and muscular glycogen, as well as greater mental fatigue.

How to use and synergies of Animal Pump Pro Non-Stim

Take a dose of this supplement at about half an hour before training and either when you are not working out, perhaps in the morning to better face the day.

As possible functional synergies here is what you can combine with the product to enhance its effects:

Come possibili sinergie funzionali ecco cosa puoi abbinare al prodotto per potenziarne gli effetti:

  • carnitine, it is a compound with a chemical structure similar to an amino acid but not participating in the synthesis of any protein, it cannot be considered as such, in fact its role is mainly energetic to support lipid beta oxidation;;
  • beta alanine and taurine, two other interesting precursors of nitric oxide, this gas with powerful vasodilating properties to promote sports performance and results;
  • glutamine, an amino acid that in addition to being used as muscle fuel is an excellent volumizer, helps release natural GH and promotes immune function;
  • magnesium, a mineral with strong energy capacity, binds, in the form of ions, to the Atp molecules, increasing their metabolic bioavailability.

Finally, remember that you can also add mineral electrolytes such as potassium to Animal Pump Pro Non-Stim to help muscle contraction processes, avoid cramps and regulate heart rate.

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Animal PUMP PRO 400 gr

Animal PUMP PRO 400 gr

Animal Pump Pro Non-Stim pre-workout without nerve stimulants, acts on the pump, volume and mental concentration, rich in nitric oxide, creatine and glycerol stimulators

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