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All Stars Clean Bar 1 bar of 60 gr. High protein bar with sweetener and sugar, 3 protein sources, milk, whey protein and caseinate

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Delicious protein bar

Rich in fibers essential to regulate appetite
3 protein sources, milk, whey protein and caseinate
20 grams of high biological value proteins every 60g (1 bar)
Ideal in the definition phase, few fats and sugars
Clean Bar by All Stars is a protein bar rich in fiber, formulated with a blend of concentrated and isolated whey proteins, calcium caseinate and total milk proteins, provides a limited amount of sugars and carbohydrates and has a good concentration of dietary fiber, as much as 22 g per single bar. The high protein content and the conspicuous presence of fiber makes this supplement the top for those who want to define themselves and who perform a low-calorie diet; the amino acids contained in the proteins, in fact, allow the maintenance of acquired muscle tone, while the fibers give satiety and prevent hunger attacks.

Clean Bar: balanced bar with high protein content Proposed in 60 gr format, this bar is available in 3 different flavors, including Cookies and Cream, Double chocolate and low-fat cocoa paste. It provides an ideal quantity of calories, about 200 kcal, has a reduced concentration of fat and is totally free of salt.

Excellent for breaking with the monotony of low-calorie and low-glucose food plans, its ideal consumption is as an afternoon snack to block hunger and the high fiber content, it allows you to regulate your appetite for a long time, a very important feature when you can't to eat. As with all the supplements of the All Stars line, this bar also contains active ingredients of the highest quality, and is prepared with a recipe that uses natural processing technologies. The 3 protid matrices have different digestion times, this determines a gradual and prolonged release of amino acids which further increases the sense of satiety. Concentrated and isolated milk and whey proteins guarantee a significant influx of Bcaa and essentials; lastly, calcium caseinate is digested, slow-release proteins that release amino acids for several hours, and therefore have an anti-catabolic effect.

Brand All Stars
Made Made in Europe
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Barrette eccezionali e ricche di proteine nobili!



Sono molto gommosi ma molto buoni



Eccellente nei valori e nei gusti

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