Whey Crisp Protein Bar 25x50 gr

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All Stars Whey-Crisp Protein Bar

When you hear the word protein, what usually comes to mind is a glass of milk, a steak, or a protein shake. All Stars redefines proteins by presenting a mouthwatering, crunchy protein-filled bar that will support your needs to stay fit and build muscle - say hi to Whey-Crisp Protein Bar!

The Whey-Crisp Protein bar nourishes the body with abundant amounts of pure Isolated Whey Protein - providing you with 15 grams of whey protein in each bar! These protein bars are an excellent snack to be consumed before or after training, to keep the muscles supplied with amino acids that will promote growth and recovery.

While many protein bars in circulation have a flat and predictable taste, the Whey-Crisp Protein Bar gives more life to each bite as it contains many crispy sheets of Whey protein that will tickle your taste buds. The Whey-Crisp Protein bar will also make you enjoy a rich milk chocolate goodness that will remind you of your favorite sweet snack!

Reach your daily protein needs by munching on a healthy bar full of protein. Take your Whey with All Stars Whey-Crisp Protein Bar!

Brand All Stars
Made Made in Europe
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Whey Crisp Protein Bar 25x50 gr

Whey Crisp Protein Bar 25x50 gr

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