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Lipo-6 Black DIURETIC draining and natural diuretic supplement is made with a blend of plant extracts that will significantly decrease water retention by providing greater muscle cutting

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Lipo-6 Black DIURETIC 80 cps by Nutrex Research, food supplement made with a mixture of plant extracts with well-known draining and natural diuretic properties.

This product is excellent for increasing muscle cutting by providing, in a short time, a much more defined and separate aspect to your body thanks to a significant decrease in water retention.

Enriched with magnesium and potassium to determine the correct electrolyte balance which could be compromised by the loss of fluids under the skin.

Lipo-6 Black DIURETIC: to have sculpted abs

If after long months of iron diet and aerobic exercises, your body has not yet reached the muscle definition you want so much, you must take into consideration that what is eliminated is no longer fat but water.

Therefore, continuing to insist on a restrictive diet to try to sculpt your abs, when your body fat percentage is already low, is a wrong and even counterproductive strategy.

In fact, most likely, what still covers your abdomen and does not make the skin attach to the muscle is not fat but water.

And it is here that the product in question takes over which, thanks to the presence of specific plant extracts, manages to drain and eliminate excess water retention, helping you to have a more sculpted appearance.

Five different extracts including the famous dandelion officinale, to facilitate the elimination of water retention that makes you look smooth and not very sculpted.

We must then consider the presence of two important electrolyte minerals, magnesium and potassium, which will provide for the electrolyte rebalancing which can be compromised by the excessive loss of liquids. In this way you will avoid drops in power, muscle cramps and a sense of exhaustion.

Food tips to enhance the effect of Lipo-6 Black DIURETIC

To improve the effect of the product and determine a faster loss of water retention, you can follow this series of simple, but effective tips, let's see them together:

  • drink a lot of low-sodium water, the water is by far the best draining in the world, it is no coincidence that you can often see the models who in the back stages of high-level fashion continually sip from their beloved plastic bottles;
  • it completely eliminates the added cooking salt, in fact that contained in the food is more than enough to satisfy our nutritional requirement, while a possible addition will do nothing but harm, both from the aesthetic and health point of view;
  • perform regular aerobic exercises to eliminate water even through sweating;
  • you prefer fresh foods without preservatives that retain liquids in the tissues, moreover foods such as fruits and vegetables are rich in polyphenols which, among other things, are also draining.

Finally, let's not forget to say that your diet must be low in carbohydrates but rich in proteins, since carbohydrates retain water while proteins eliminate it.

Let's briefly summarize about Lipo-6 Black DIURETIC:

  • made with plant extracts including dandelion;
  • it is not a diuretic drug;
  • enriched with minerals electrolytes;
  • excellent for sculpting the body;
  • acts in a few days.
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