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Lipo-6 Black KETO metabolic and ketogenic slimming supplement is a product that acts on the metabolism and ketosis to cause weight loss

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Lipo-6 Black KETO 60 cps by Nutrex Research, it is a new slimming formulation that acts both on the basal metabolism and on the weight loss induced by ketosis.

Only natural ingredients and no pharmacological compound to demolish body fat in a few weeks causing a lipolytic cascade mediated by several factors that we will see individually.

However, remember a basic principle, to get the most out of this supplement, especially with regard to the ketogenic slimming component, you must combine the use of the product with a diet with a maximum of 10-15% of calories from carbohydrates.

Lipo-6 Black KETO: what is ketosis

Ketosis is an emergency process caused by the excessive scarcity of blood sugar. When our body does not find the usual energy supplies based on sugars and glycogen, it must find alternative fuel sources and therefore activate two types of processes:

  • gluconeogenesis, it is a mechanism that releases glucose into the blood from amino acids, takes place in the liver and can provide part of the necessary energy response;
  • ketosis, is the activation of the release of ketone bodies, compounds that can be used at the post of glucose to produce the necessary energy.

The link between ketosis and weight loss is very "simple" to explain given the connection between this process and the blood sugar levels. Since in order to be activated, ketosis requires a low glycemic picture, there will be no insulin peaks and indeed insulin will not be produced unless in small quantities.

This leads to a significant decrease in the accumulation of fat, given that it is precisely insulin, due to its hypoglycaemic power, that determines the storage of the molecules in the cells, including the fatty ones which are then ultimately stored in the form of body fat. .

Be careful, however, because ketosis cannot be used for slimming purposes, for more than a few days in a row as it can have side effects, and this is where part of the effect of the product in question comes into play.

In fact, when your body is no longer in ketosis, you can still benefit from other effects thanks to the presence of additional nutrients such as caffeine and carnitine.

Nerve stimulation and fat transport with Lipo-6 Black KETO

So let's see how the other ingredients of the supplement not directly connected with ketogenic activation work, and therefore:

  • caffeine, plant extract that stimulates the release of catecholamines, neurotransmitters that provide a series of slimming effects but also support for energy and mental concentration;
  • carnitine, a compound similar to an amino acid which, however, mainly deals with the selection, collection and transport of long chain fatty acids within the mitochondria where they will be oxidized for energy production purposes.

Finally, let's see what you could combine with the product to enhance its effects: everything that is thermogenic and lipolytic, even with an endocrine boost, can surely help the effect of Lipo-6 Black KETO, which will sculpt your body in a few weeks.

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