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Evogen Evodreams is a supplement based on micronutrients, amino acids and plant extracts designed to improve sleep quality and night recovery

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Evodreams 234 gr by Evogen, is a product designed to improve sleep quality and night recovery, excellent both as a relaxant and a help for results in the gym.

There are many ingredients that make up the supplement, ranging from essential micronutrients, through amino acids such as GABA and tryptophan and up to extracts such as valerian root.

With a single dose you will provoke the right state of relaxation necessary for restful rest but also for a complete recovery from a neural point of view, a factor which few take into account.

Evodreams and nervous plastic recovery
A product like this is widely used in two cases, or as an aid to rest better for those suffering from states of insomnia and agitation, or as a support for a complete plastic, energy and neural recovery in those subjects who perform heavy physical activities.

Before going into the specific properties of the nutrients that make up the supplement, let's see how it acts to catalyze night recovery, and why this factor is so important.

You have to know that even if you train constantly and feed yourself adequately, if you don't recover enough you will not only not get the desired results but you will go to experience the inverse ones, that is the decrease of the muscles.

This happens because the body needs to regenerate completely before facing a new workout and if this does not happen you will not be able to grow even one gram.

Most of the recovery takes place at night during the hours of deep sleep and it is therefore for this reason that it will be necessary to act in such a way as to assist this condition of rest.

Moreover it should be considered an aspect of which few take into account, we talk about the neural recovery of the nervous system, an apparatus that is the first to be "turned on" and the last to "go out" in every type of motor and mental activity including therefore sports activities involving both the motor and intellectual apparatus.

Nutritional focus on Evodreams
In addition to different types of micronutrients that act on a myriad of metabolic reactions, in this product there are several specific ingredients that are connected with sleep, and therefore:

  • glycine, an amino acid that among other things acts as an inhibitor of neurotransmissions between neurons and the nervous system causing the state of relaxation;
  • tryptophan, another amino acid that intervenes in the sleep cycles wakeful being a precursor of melatonin, a hormone that causes sleep and that is usually synthesized at an endogenous level when the luminous stimulus to the retina is missing;
  • theanine and GABA, the former is a precursor of the latter which acts on neuronal relaxation by determining the state of preparation for deep sleep;
  • valerian root extract, a compound with sedative properties similar to those of the active ingredient contained in the drug Valium, widely used for states of anxiety and agitation.

Finally, remember that Evodreams also contains chelated minerals to catalyze the metabolic use of the above-mentioned amino acids which are crucial for sleep quality and therefore for a complete recovery.

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Ho aspettato un po’ prima di recensire questo prodotto dato che è la prima volta che lo acquisto,e devo dire che sicuramente vale 5 stelle.ingredienti naturali,gusto ottimo.Io prendo 1 misurino prima di coricarmi e mi aiuta a dormire,rilassante.

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