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EFX Alkaline Creatine with last generation corrected PH  

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Are you looking for a more effective creatineKre Alkalyn EFX is the one for you. This particular formulation does not undergo the acid action of the gastric juices present in the stomach and therefore does not convert to creatinine, a sub-metabolite of creatine that does not have any ergogenic activity; the effectiveness of creatine, as we well know, is directly proportional to the quantity of the same that is stored in the muscle in the form of phosphocreatine, but if part of the nutrient is already eliminated in the phase of absorption, it is clear that the energy power of the product will be much reduced.


This is why the Kre Alkalyn EFX was designed, a particular mixture of buffered monohydrate that does not convert to creatinine, thanks to the method with which it is realized. Apart from this, which is already relevant, the remaining action of this creatine is identical to the normal products. But are you aware of what functions creatine performs at a metabolic level?


EFX Kre Alkalyn: develops maximum energy potential

If you want to increase your muscle mass you can't avoid doing intense workouts, for this purpose you will need a lot of energy to use immediately; the anaerobic alattacid energy metabolism consists in the production of Atp in the first seconds of activity, these molecules are effective but have a short duration, for this it is necessary something that catalyzes the reverse reaction allowing the Adp to re-size itself in Atp and so on until muscle failure; only then will you be able to recruit a substantial number of motor units to trigger hypertrophic growth.

We therefore understood that Kre Alkalyn EFX is better than normal creatine as it is used in its entirety, but the problem of transporting said tripeptide into the muscle cells remains; for this purpose the strategies to improve storage are more or less the same, ranging from the use of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index, through the taurine which has a similar insulin effect, and up to betaine and fenugreek, other elements however able to push nutrients into the cell.


Not only energy and muscle mass with EFX Kre Alkalyn

Most athletes who buy a supplement like EFX Kre Alkalyn do so within the scope of mass-raising goals, and not without reason, in fact creatine is perhaps the best nutrient to stimulate that kind of results; despite this, however, creatine can be a good ally even in the loss of body fat, in fact another characteristic is that of knowing how to increase the speed of basal metabolism, especially in trained subjects.

Over time, the metropolitan legend has erroneously spread that creatine was even fattening, nothing could be more wrong, in fact the opposite is true according to the principle that sees lipolysis, that is the disintegration of adipose tissue, only when the caloric balance is negative; it is therefore clear the link between Kre Alkalyn and a greater caloric expenditure related to the above metabolism speech.

The fact is that this misconception stems from another peculiarity of this nutrient, namely the increase in hydration and therefore also of water retention, which can easily be exchanged with an increase in fat mass, but this is not the case.

Finally, we summarize the main features of Kre Alkalyn:

  •          it is absorbed in its entirety;
  •          does not convert to creatinine;
  •          improves strength and muscle mass;
  •          it can also be helpful in weight loss;
  •          must be conveyed.
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