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Testrol Elite natural anabolic and libido-supporting is a product made only with non-pharmacological compounds but which nevertheless optimizes testosterone levels.

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Testrol Elite 174 gr by GAT is a food supplement based on plant extracts, micronutrients and other compounds, designed to support the natural production of testosterone, a powerful anabolic, lipolytic hormone and aids stamina in adult males.

This product is among the best in its category, in fact it contains all the extracts and micronutrients that are connected with the modulation of the release and the levels of testosterone in the blood, as we will see later.

Recall that exceeding 35 years of age in humans there is a significant hormonal decline that results in a decrease in protein synthesis, strength and sexual vigor, so a supplement can be a valuable aid.

Testrol Elite: nutritional focus

Let's take a closer look at all those compounds that are connected with the hormonal modulation of testosterone, and therefore:

  • maca, tribulus, eurycoma and fenugreek, these are 4 plant extracts well known for their richness in terpene steroid saponins, elements that act precisely on the endogenous release of testosterone;
  • saw palmetto from serenoa repens, another plant that prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT, another highly androgenic hormone which, however, can give side effects such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and baldness;
  • zma zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, a triad of micronutrients that intervenes on the blood ratio between free and bound testosterone, decreasing the latter in relation to the first, thus providing a greater anabolic effect;
  • Vitamin D3 a micronutrient with a chemical structure very similar to that of a hormone, we can produce it only in response to the sun's rays and is connected with vigor also mediated by testosterone levels.

Then there are a number of other ingredients that will improve energy, adaptogenic abilities and the metabolic use of nutrients, for example we talk about magnesium, ginkgo biloba and others.

What effects from Testrol Elite

With optimized testosterone levels you can experience different effects including increased protein synthesis, strength and sexual vigor, and specifically:

  • improving your body's ability to capture amino acids to be used in protein synthesis to regenerate muscle tissue damaged by the workout;
  • increase in physical strength, a factor that is directly connected with the intensity of training and therefore with the possibilities of growth and maintenance of the muscles, but also with those related to the reduction of fat;
  • libido support in males as testosterone is the main sex hormone in adult men.

What to add and how to take the product

Being a rather complete supplement, there are not many synergistic possibilities, especially if related to the specific endocrine thrust effect. Nevertheless, we can still report some different ones, and therefore:

  • branched bcaa and whey protein to provide your body with all the bricks needed for protein synthesis which, as mentioned above, will be amplified by hormonal optimization;
  • nitric oxide stimulators if you are interested in exploiting the libido potential of the product;
  • resveratrol to prevent higher testosterone levels from converting to estradiol.

However, as far as the methods of use are concerned, it is important to remember that the best moment of intake is certainly in the evening before going to bed, as it is at night that our body fully recovers and produces high quantities of sex hormones and also of GH, it will therefore be at this juncture that we will assist with the intervention of the product.

If you train you can for example take it before the workout on the days you go to the gym, and in those you rest always in the evening before sleeping.

We summarize the main features of Testrol Elite:

  • completely natural product;
  • no pharmacological active ingredient;
  • ideal for helping muscle mass and strength;
  • acts excellently as sexual stamina;
  • take the night before bed.
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