Crema di gianduia al cioccolato 250 gr

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Chocolate gianduia cream

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EMPRO Chocolate Hazelnut Cream (Chocolate Gianduia Cream) is a food supplement with a unique and healthy flavor and a creamy consistency. You can eat it for breakfast, as a snack, before training, between meals and at any time when the body asks you for something sweet.
In addition to its surprising taste, it has vegetable proteins and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. It is also rich in vitamin E and B-complex vitamins. EMPRO Peanut Butters are ideal for daily consumption, regardless of the time of day.

It is a healthy product.
It tastes delicious.
It has a creamy consistency.
No additional sugars.
It has vegetable proteins.
Contains no salt or palm oil.
Contains vitamin E and vitamins of group B.
It can be consumed in any place or time of day.
It can be spread, added to smoothies and used as a snack.

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