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Lipo 6 Dynamix burns fat of new formulation based on nervous stimulants and enriched with carnitine and GABA, ideal in combination with the low carb diet

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Lipo-6 Dynamix 258 gr Nutrex Research, product indicated in combination with the low carb diet to sculpt your body in a few weeks of use.

It is a mixture of nerve stimulating plant extracts that give rise to the release of catecholamines and also have a direct lipolytic effect.

The product is enriched with carnitine and GABA, compounds that carry the fat in the oxidation plants, the first, and stimulate the endogenous release of the Gh, the second.

Lipo-6 Dynamix: the slimming power of stimulants
The main ingredients present in this fat burner are plant extracts titrated in nerve stimulants, such as caffeine, green coffee, theobromine and Rauwolfia Vomitoria.

These compounds act on the nervous system mediating greater lipolysis both directly and indirectly by means of a massive release of catecholaminergic neurotransmitters.

These, including adrenaline, are able to improve a number of factors that, in addition to supporting physical performance, facilitate the use of fat for energy purposes, let's see:

increase in basal metabolic rate with consequent greater expenditure of calories to more easily obtain a negative energy balance, an indispensable requirement if you want to lose weight;
incentive to heart rate which leads to better oxygenation of the muscles and therefore to greater abilities of physical prowess especially in endurance activities that are notoriously more slimming than power;
direct support for lipolysis to promote the degradation of triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol, the former will then be used in mitochondria to generate energy;
greater focus and mental concentration.
This last aspect is then encouraged by another complex present in Lipo-6 Dynamix, we speak of the Cognitive Enhancing Nootropic Blend, a series of compounds that stimulate the release of other neurotransmitters connected with synaptic transmissions, see DMAE, choline bitartrate and Alpha-glycerolphosphorylcholine.

Enrichments and possible synergies of Lipo-6 Dynamix
In addition to nerve stimulants and neurotransmitter precursors, the product also contains carnitine tartrate and GABA, two compounds that will promote weight loss in different ways, let's see:

the first is a carrier of fatty acids, it selects those with long chains and transports them inside the mitochondrial oxidation plants where they are transformed into glucose which is then released into the blood for the synthesis Atp;
the second is instead a stimulator of GH somatotropin, growth hormone, a substance with strong lipolytic activity but also anabolic, it is the only compound present in the body that is able to demolish fat and at the same time promote the construction of new muscle mass .
Finally, let's see what synergies are possible to amplify the effects of the product: add other Gh stimulators such as arginine, citrulline and lysine, or try non-stimulating thermogenic drugs such as raspberry ketones or capsaicin. Ultimately you could also combine an additional source of carnitine, perhaps in acetylated form to better transport fat into mitochondria.

Finally, remember the methods of use, take Lipo-6 Dynamix according to the instructions on the label and without exceeding the recommended dose, do not take too late in the evening as it contains nerve stimulants that can cause problems with insomnia and do not forget that if you suffer from hypertensive or other pathologies affecting the cardio circulatory system, the use of the product is absolutely not recommended.

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