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ZM-Complex supplement is based on zinc, magnesium and pyridoxine, very useful as a hormonal optimizer for the free share of testosterone, helps strength, mass and libido

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ZM-Complex 90cps by Gasapri Nutrition is a supplement made with a mixture of essential minerals and vitamins, useful as an anabolic and healthy support for the sexual sphere of man.

Magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6, three minerals also known with the commercial acronym ZMA, a triad of micronutrients used as a natural anabolic, given its ability to modulate the blood presence of testosterone.

From improved testosterone levels you will be able to get both sports effects and sexual vigor, as this hormone is present in adult humans.

ZM-Complex: how it acts on anabolism
We were saying that zma is able to modulate the presence of testosterone in the blood, but it is not a true booster text, but rather an optimizer.

In fact, the three minerals in question mainly act on the relationship between free and bound testosterone, increasing the former with respect to the latter.

This is an essential factor especially for the anabolic issue, given that if testosterone is linked to other compounds, in this case to the SHBG proteins that are responsible for its transport, its properties in terms of aid to muscle growth fail.

So once more free testosterone levels are present, you can experience the following improved effects:

  • direct support to protein synthesis to trigger the regeneration of muscle tissue damaged by the workout and increase lean muscle mass faster;
  • increase in physical strength and endurance, factors that are directly connected with the intensity of training, which in turn is correlated with that stimulus that determines the possibility of increased muscle mass and fat degradation;
  • incentive to the energetic use of fat especially when the diet is hypocaloric and hypoglucid.

How to use and what to combine with ZM-Complex
There are no doubts about the absolute best time for hiring, so let's talk about the night before bed.

This is not a choice made without a precise criterion, on the contrary, it is precisely at night that our body reaches the peak of physiological production of testosterone, and it is therefore in this context that we will try to improve its quota free.

We must then see with what means and synergies it is possible to amplify, even considerably, the action of ZM-Complex, thus combining:

  • direct precursors of testosterone such as tribulus, eurycoma and other plant extracts rich in steroidal saponins such as fenugreek;
  • resveratrol extract to prevent the increased presence of testosterone from converting to estradiol, an estrogen hormone that in men areca disorders;
  • branched bcaa as a plastic support to support a protein synthesis that thanks to zma should be improved and optimized.

Finally, let us not forget the possible synergies with all those invigorators that are commonly used as sexual aids for men.

Let's talk about, for example, nitric oxide stimulators that will also promote the filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis in such a way as to determine a correct erection.

Now a brief summary of ZM-Complex Gaspari:

  • only mineral and vitamin compounds;
  • acts on free testosterone levels;
  • excellent as an anabolic sports aid;
  • also ideal as an aphrodisiac;
  • no counter indication.
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