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The first genuine omelettes with high protein content on the market!

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The first genuine omelettes with high protein content on the market!

The main features of HI PRO OMELETTE:

  • Genuine, 100% egg white!
  • No additional whey protein.
  • No wheat flour was added.
  • No direct source of gluten.
  • No sugars, table salt or sweeteners.
  • High fiber content -13 g per serving.

For whom is this product recommended?

Athletes, active people and those seeking to reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their diet and supplement it with high quality protein. Thanks to its high protein content (35 g of protein / 75 g serving) it is a perfect meal, high in protein and easy to prepare or a post-coach training meal for every athlete.


Every Olimp Sport Nutrition (R) product has been inspected three times in accordance with pharmaceutical standards (the raw material, the semi-finished product during the production process and the finished product).
Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will not have microbiological contamination or heavy metals. We guarantee its absolute safety from the first day until its expiry.
Thanks to Olimp Laboratories you are sure of what you are offering to your body.

Some important details regarding HI PRO OMELETTE GOLD

Within the proteins contained in this product can be distinguished about 40 types, among the most important we find: albumin (54%), transferrin (12%), mucoid (11%), globulin (8%), lysozyme (3, 5%, Avidina (0.06%) and others (11.5%).
Egg white is classified as a slowly digested and absorbable protein.
Its absorption rate is around 1.5 - 3 hours, providing a stable amount of protein in the blood during that period. Without a doubt, this helps regenerate muscles after a workout and provides a positive nitrogen balance during training periods.
In addition to egg white, the product contains valuable and exceptionally nutritious egg powder.
Its main advantage is its high fiber content: 13 g per serving while having a very low sugar content. The fiber content is more than 50% of the daily dose recommended by the WHO (which is 20 - 40 grams). People on a protein or fat protein diet often have low fiber intake. The ingredients of the delicious HI PRO OMELETTE GOLD are the perfect source of dietary fiber! Adequate fiber intake is linked to the reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, helps regulate body mass and improves peristalsis *.
The formula of HI PRO OMELETTE GOLD is a fusion of tradition and novelty!
This is because the product does not contain traditional flour but coconut flour!

We guarantee the delicacy and softness of each omelette!

Ingredients: egg powder, whole egg powder, corn fiber, coconut flour, whole milk powder, raising agent - sodium carbonates; Thickener - xanthan gum; Emulsifier - lecithins (from soy).

Preparation instructions: add 1 serving (75 g = 2 tablespoons) to 150 ml of water. Stir until the mixture is smooth. Fry the omelette on both sides until you get an ideal omelette!

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