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L-Carnitine 1500 carnitine based supplement in liquid form ideal for using fats for energy production, produced by Pro Supps

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Pro Supps introduces its response to the market need to produce a carnitine-based supplement, L-Carnitine 1500 ™. As the name suggests, this product provides 1500mg of carnitine, an essential substance in lipid metabolism, with a strong fat-burning and energetic action.

Carnitine is a molecule that is synthesized by the liver and kidneys from the two amino acids lysine and methionine. The carnitine produced daily by the body partly covers the required needs, the rest can be introduced with food through meat and dairy products, or, where necessary, through sports supplements such as L-Carnitine 1500 ™.

Pro Supps L-Carnitine 1500 ideal supplement to promote the use of storage fats
Carnitine has a very interesting action as a fat burning and energizing supplement, as it is involved in different metabolic functions of which the most important is to transport fatty acids into mitochondria energy production centers, thus promoting fat conversion as a primary energy source.

The use of carnitine in athletes is very popular as it stimulates weight loss and the reduction of fat mass in favor of lean mass also reduces muscle damage after intense and prolonged training. In fact, the main role of carnitine is to transport the fat molecules into the muscles where they are used as fuel.

Some studies have also shown how this substance promotes oxygenation of the muscles thanks to the powerful vasodilatory action which also increases the entry of nutrients into the blood stream. The fact that the body is able to use fats as an energy source of sustenance also saves glycogen from the muscles, preserving the body's carbohydrate reserves which can then be used to nourish the tissues, preventing the degradation of glycogen to glucose.

The integration of Pro Supps Carnitine 1500 ™ helps improve physical endurance by reducing muscle fatigue and physical weakness, maximizing athletic performance and considerably improving training results.

Carnitine 1500 ™ has a noticeable effect on reducing the sensation of hunger by decreasing the appetite. It is also a valid aid for athletes involved in endurance sports who want to convert fat mass into lean, improving fatigue resistance.

Recent studies conducted on this important amino acid have also found that it carries out an action of glycemic regulation, keeping its blood levels stable, avoiding that excess carbohydrates are stored as storage fats.

Features of Pro Supps L-Carnitine 1500 ™
Stimulates the reduction of body fat,
Promotes lean mass,
Free of stimulants,
Supports physical endurance,
Increase energy levels,
Supports mental concentration,
Powerful fat burning action.
Recommended intake
We recommend the dose of a spoon twice a day, even dissolved in a fruit juice or other favorite drink. When doing a purely aerobic workout we recommend taking it about 20 minutes earlier.

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