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Hi-Protein Oatmeal is a preparation based on oat flakes enriched with whey protein concentrate to provide maximum plastic support, it is an excellent product for breakfast and snacks.

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Hi-Protein Oatmeal 900g by Olimp Nutrition is a preparation based on oat flakes enriched with concentrated whey protein to provide maximum support for plastic and energy recovery.

This product is ideal for breakfast or snacks, when you want to eat something different and more fanciful but without losing anything in nutritional terms.

Oat is a cereal particularly rich in noble proteins and antioxidants, but also in carbohydrates with a low glycemic index that avoid insulin spikes that speed up fat storage.

Hi-Protein Oatmeal for maximum nutritional support

From the point of view of the nutritional quality of the ingredients present in this food, we can certainly say that both from the protein and glucose point of view we are at the top, and in fact:

  • with a percentage of whey protein concentrates of 47% you will provide your body with all the essential amino acids for protein synthesis and the consequent, faster regeneration of tissues damaged by the workout;
  • with a carbohydrate content of which only 1.4g of sugar per 70g of product, you will give your body the energy it needs to re-synthesize glycogen and support all those recovery mechanisms that result in the growth or maintenance of muscles.

We also remember that carbohydrates present in oats are slow to absorb, which means that they will not give rise to glycemic peaks and therefore not even to massive production of insulin that can be responsible for fat storage and also proteolysis.

In fact, low blood sugar is a signal that the body interprets as energy shortage and that causes the release of cortisol in order to demolish the muscle mass to use the amino acids in the glucose pathway alanine glucose.

Also from the point of view of appetite control in slimming diets, the product in question is particularly suitable and not only for the low glycemic index.

In fact it is a discrete presence of dietary fiber, a compound which, although it has no nutritional properties, is involved with complete absorption of nutrients, with less storage of fat and also with gastric fullness which induces satiety.

Finally, let's not forget the MCT, medium chain fatty acids, which have been added to the supplement to provide easy-to-use lipid energy, helping the body to obtain the remaining part of the fuel it needs no longer from carbohydrates but from fat.

Preparation methods and other properties of Hi-Protein Oatmeal

As regards the way of preparation and consumption of the product, nothing could be easier, follow these simple instructions: bring about 160ml of water to the boil and let it cool to a temperature below 70 degrees or adjusted according to the desired consistency, the hotter it is and the softer the porridge will be.

Once the flakes have been added to the liquid mix and leave to rest for about three minutes, now the snack is ready to be consumed. You can try skim milk at the water post and you can add everything you like to the snack, see dried fruit, lean chocolate chips, etc.

Finally, let's not forget that oats are naturally rich in antioxidants and therefore help control oxidative stress, a factor that occurs in sports subjects quite often. To summarize, to conclude on Hi-Protein Oatmeal:

  • low glycemic index oat flakes;
  • enriched with 47% serum protein concentrate;
  • ideal for breakfast and snacks;
  • easy and quick to prepare.

Ingredients: 47% whey protein concentrate, 44% oat flakes, flavors (for all flavors except neutral flavor), freeze-dried raspberries (only berry flavor), psyllium powder shells (Plantago) ovata), corn fiber, medium chain triglyceride oil (MCT oil), anti-caking agent - silicon dioxide; salt, acidity regulator - sodium citrates; 0.13% magnesium oxide, emulsifier - lecithin (from soy); sweeteners - acesulfame K, sucralose. The product may contain mustard and sesame seeds.

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Hi-Protein Oatmeal is a preparation based on oat flakes enriched with whey protein concentrate to provide maximum plastic support, it is an excellent product for breakfast and snacks.

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