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Flexx BCAAs are 100% pure branched amino acids enriched with B vitamins, carnitine and coconut water, indicated before and after training to improve performance and recovery

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Flexx BCAAs 345g GAT Nutrition, product made with branched and fermented amino acids, enriched with vitamins, minerals, carnitine and coconut water, indicated as pre and post workout.

The product improves performance and recovery from different points of view, starting from the production of energy, passing through the contraction of the muscles and up to the usual support for protein synthesis mediated above all by leucine.

So whether you want to increase muscle mass or keep it by decreasing fat, a supplement like this can be a valuable help.

Flexx BCAAs: characteristics of the branched

Let's start by examining more closely the properties of the main ingredient, ie the branched amino acids present here in ratio 2: 1: 1, and then:

  • these are essential macronutrients for the body, in the sense that we cannot produce them independently;
  • they act directly on the protein synthesis, representing about 40% of the total skeletal musculature;
  • increase physical strength and endurance by providing an incentive for training intensity;
  • they improve the relationship between testosterone and cortisol by increasing the first and decreasing the other;
  • speed up the resynthesis of liver and muscle glycogen.

It should also be considered that leucine is able to activate some types of anabolic signaling for cell proliferation, such as mTor and mTorc1, which are fundamental for hyperplastic muscle growth.

As for the fact that the amino acids in question are fermented, this aspect makes them more bioavailable to the body and therefore easier to use.

Other ingredients of Flexx BCAAs

Now we go by order and see what else the product in question contains, in order to enhance performance and improve recovery after it, and therefore:

  • vitamins of the B group, these are catalysts, in particular B6, of the metabolism of amino acids, therefore we can deduce the specific importance in this situation;
  • sodium and potassium, very important electrolytes that regulate the presence of body fluids, causing rehydration of the tissues;
  • carnitine, a compound similar to an amino acid due to its chemical structure, but which mainly deals with conveying fat into mitochondria, supporting energy production in them and decreasing oxidative stress induced by free radicals.

Finally, the coconut water, one of the best moisturizers and volumizers in nature, manages to pull considerable amounts of water into the tissues, going not only to swell the muscles but also to catalyze all those reactions that occur in the presence of water.

Method of use for Flexx BCAAs

Being an integrator that contains various ingredients of energetic and plastic support, its use can be done both before training and later.

In case you want to use it before exercise, here is what you could combine to enhance its effects: caffeine, arginine and beta alanine, three other ingredients that will provide mental energy, muscle pumping and GH stimulation.

If instead you use it as a post training support, then you can add vitargo, creatine and even a multivitamin and mineral, so as to obtain the necessary insulin boost for anabolism, supply the body with energy and speed up the biochemical metabolic reactions that lead to physical and mental recovery.

To summarize Flexx BCAAs:

  • fermented branched amino acids;
  • ratio 2:1:1 double dose in leucine;
  • ideal before and after training;
  • enriched with vitamins and carnitine;
  • contains coconut water to rehydrate.
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Flexx BCAAs 345 Gr

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Flexx BCAAs

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