Chrystie Cut Tank

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Women's Tank

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The Chrystie Cut Tank is soft and lightweight with an open cut back highlighting those hard-earned muscles. Made from 100% Tencel you can wear this tank with a good conscious. Thanks to the botanical fibers which are made through ecofriendly production process, the Tencel fabric is naturally odor resistant.

Fit: Loose.
Length: Regular.
Material: Made of botanical fibers with an ecofriendly production, 100% Tencel.
Features: Natural odor resistance, Open back piece.

Size guide

S: 40 cm M: 43 cm L: 46 cm
S: 15 3/4” M: 17” L: 18 1/9”

S: 58 cm M: 60 cm L: 62 cm
S: 22 5/6” M: 23 5/8” L: 24 2/5”

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