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Women's Track Pants

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The Bowery Track Pants lives up to that saying, “some things were better back in the days”. Inspired by the track suit era also known as the 90’s, these track pants are done the Better Bodies way. Perfect for to and from the gym or even as a casual outfit outside the gym. Depending on your mood and your personal style you can either unbutton the bottom for a wider leg or keep them buttoned up for a slim fit.

Fit: Tapered
Waist: High
Length: Crop
Material: 100% polyester
Features: Snap button along the outer leg starting at the knee and down, adjustable drawstring inside the waistband, cool feeling next to the skin.

Size guide

S = 36,5 cm M = 39,5 cm L = 42,5 cm
S = 14 3/8” M = 15 5/9” L = 16 3/4”   

S = 79 cm M = 81 cm L = 83 cm
S = 31 1/9” M = 31 8/9” L = 32 2/3”

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