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Food supplement of amino acids, minerals and vitamins useful in case of increased need or poor intake with the diet of these nutrients

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Iso-Mass Xtreme Gainer 4.5kg by Ultimate Nutrition is the new ergogenic anabolic formulation to increase lean mass quickly and without excessive stress; this product is not the usual gainer, and you can understand it also from the price, but if you don't pay attention to your physical form and want to overcome your hypertrophic potential, then this hyper-high-protein anabolic matrix is ​​what you are looking for. Many over the years have tried to imitate this product but without success, precisely because it is the union of the best supplements made by this American company, all in a single supplement.

Undenatured whey proteins, differentiated release carbohydrates from noble sources, pharmaceutical grade alkaline creatine and a blend of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and other nutritional compounds to improve performance; this is "simply" what you will find in the product in question, and all with only 60 calories coming from fat for a whole dose of 940 calories, a real bomb that will give you all the energy, the anabolic insulin boost and recovery that you need them to trigger hypertrophy and grow fast.

Iso-Mass Xtreme Ultimate: 153g of product per day to acquire energy and lean mass

Let's look specifically at how this supplement will work on your metabolism giving you everything you need to increase your muscles; we start from the high biological value protein blend, it is a mixture of non-denatured whey proteins that will provide the plastic bases to make protein synthesis more efficient, both in the recovery phase or at any other time of the day when you want to use the product. Then we have noble carbohydrates from maltodextrin, dextrose and oat fiber, three macronutrients that in addition to providing you with the energy for Atp synthesis and glycogen recovery, will start a massive production of insulin, the anabolic hormone par excellence.

Last but not least the 7g of alkaline creatine that each dose of this gainer will provide you with; it is the classic ergogenic tripeptide but worked with a modified PH, to determine a total metabolic use is faster. This is fundamental as the positive effect of creatine on strength, and the greater the greater the amount stored in the skeletal tissues.

Finally, glutamine in about 2.2g per dose, an amino acid which, although not essential, at sports level performs some important functions, such as the elimination of toxins accumulated from physical fatigue, support for the production of GH and the prevention of overtraining; this is an amino acid that should never be missing in the body builder's nutritional program that gets excellent results.

Bcaa, nitric oxide and Omega fatty acids for Iso-Mass Xtreme

We could not already have finished enunciating the properties of the ingredients present in the product, and in fact among others there are at least another three compounds of which it is right to speak, these are the branched, the vasodilation stimulus complex and the Omega, let's see:

  • the bcaa representing about 35% of the total aminogramma in the muscle of the man, are to be considered ideal for the hypertrophy, and cannot therefore miss, also because they stimulate the natural production of testosterone, reduce the Doms and increase strength and physical resistance;
  • a blend of arginine in different forms, citrulline and l-norvaline, three amino acids that are precursors of nitric oxide, a vasodilatory substance that increases pumping and improves performance and the results that follow;
  • Omega fatty acids, these are essential micronutrients in humans, and therefore must be introduced from the outside. In this specific case the role they play in the constitution of cell membranes, but also their antioxidant effect will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, let's not forget that in Iso-Mass Xtreme there are also high amounts of minerals and vitamins, not just digestive enzymes, all compounds that in one way or another will boost your performance in the gym, making you reach and exceed the maximum of anabolic energy potential.

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Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer  4590 gr

Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer 4590 gr

Food supplement of amino acids, minerals and vitamins useful in case of increased need or poor intake with the diet of these nutrients