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Men'e sweatpants

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The Astor Sweatpants are constructed from a medium-weight neoprene-like fabric with zipper pockets at the sides to keep your stuff from falling out on the go. They feature our rubberized logo on the left thigh as well as a reinforced gusset at the crotch for durability. Perfect for mild workouts or lounging, whichever suits your mood.

Quality:73% Polyester 27% Cotton


CM S:36 M:39 L:42 XL:45 XXL:48
INCH S:14 1/6 M:15 1/3 L:16 1/2 XL:17 5/7 XXL:18 8/9

CM S:71 M:73 L:75 XL:77 XXL:79
INCH S:28 M:28 3/4 L:29 1/2 XL:30 1/3 XXL:31 1/9


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