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EVOGREENS ™ has been designed specifically to meet the needs of hard-training athletes. The goal was to provide strategically selected ingredients not only to help detoxify and nourish the body, but to accelerate overall recovery and well-being in a way that other "super-food" products cannot.

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- 6 portions of equivalent fruit and vegetables
- 2 billion Probiotics
- 150 mg of pomegranate for cardiovascular health
- Zero artificial colors or sweeteners

This is not another of the usual products with 60-70 underdosed ingredients. Everything in EVOGREENS has a purpose directly related to training with your health in mind, thus helping the body to recover and detox from the daily routine. We have also taken another step forward by including powerful probiotics that not only support immune health, but above all the well-being of the gastrointestinal tract. This helps ensure that your diet's macro and micronutrients are properly absorbed.

Mix one scoop with 300ml of water 1 to 3 times a day.


Detox di qualità incredibile.

Efficacia estrema e gusti eccezionali.Vale tutto il suo prezzo.Evogen una certezza.

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