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Aminoject is a supplement based on bcaa with the addition of glutamine, citrulline and electrolytes, ideal for maximizing energy yield and muscle recovery

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Evogen Nutrition completely revolutionizes the concept of Bcaa supplements, creating a solution that can literally explode the performance during an intense workout, called Aminoject.

This supplement has been formulated with the latest generation proprietary blends that maximize the effectiveness of the substances contained, giving an immediate effect of strength and drastically reducing recovery times. The exclusive Aminoject formulation includes not only the classic BCAAs, but also a wide range of elements that create a powerful synergistic action.

Evogen Aminoject amino acid supplement for maximum muscle growth
What makes this product unique is not so much the choice of ingredients since Evogen, while selecting the best forms, adheres to the classic versions of essential amino acids, the difference lies in the way in which they were introduced in the formulation, looking for the perfect combination and the ideal dosage to support higher intensity workouts.

Why choose Evogen Aminoject?
In addition to a wide range of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, introduced in the formulation to reduce chronic fatigue and amplify the results, we find one of the main blends of this supplement: the Aminoject BIOfermQA tm Bcaa recovery complex which includes essential amino acids Bcaa (L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine), plus other amino acids such as L-glutamine, in the most prestigious form, the free form.
The importance of essential amino acids is well known in the world of sport because their energetic action is well known, as they are used to supply energy to the muscles and the body, for the plastic function that favors the reconstruction of new cells and muscle tissues and finally for the protective action that helps protect normal physiological activities.

One of the problems that has always been present in free-form amino acids is their difficult assimilation, as a substantial part of them is linked to other foods and is not used by our body; this important key point was solved by adding a combination of electrolytes and bioperine to the formulation so as to maximize the intestinal absorption of the amino acids and consequently improve the effect of the product.
Evogen Aminoject is ideal for sportsmen and for those who have a special eye towards the caloric entry as its formula has 0 calories and a quantity of sugars and carbohydrates almost equal to 0, excellent for those who want to increase the results even without affect the diet and continue to follow a controlled regime.

Main features

  • Enriched with glutamine and betaine for even faster recoveries
  • Decreases recovery time,
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Promotes protein synthesis,
  • It prevents muscle catabolism,
  • Concentrated and extremely innovative formulation,
  • Fortified with Citrulline malate to enhance endurance during training,
  • Conceived with different proprietary blends,
  • Mixture of electrolytes to promote cell rehydration.

Assumption of Evogen Aminoject
This supplement falls into the category of essential amino acids and bcaa therefore the intake is closely linked to training, it is recommended to take 1 scoop of product diluted in 200 ml of water both in the pre and post workout. To increase the benefits it is possible to add a dose between meals or during training as needed.



Aminoacidi che non hanno rivali, evogen non delude mai!


Top quality BCAA

Most BCAA's are made out via hydrolysis, and the materials are made out of human hair, duck feather and nails. But Evogen products uses fermented sources, like corn to producte BCAA. I
m not saying it's the only brand who uses fermented source, but if it doesn't say on the back it's fermented, it's made out of some Chinese's hair.

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