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Crunch Bar energy protein bar with 20 grams of protein from noble sources, excellent as a meal replacement to keep the nitrogen balance always in positive

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Crunch Bar 64 gr by Warrior Nutrition is a protein and energy bar made with top quality ingredients and no junk food. This balanced and dietetic food finds its main use for breakfast or as a snack substitute, except in the post-workout phase when, where possible, it is certainly better to opt for something more specific like a hydrolyzed and vitreous whey shaker.

The protein content of this product is represented by a blend of soy isolate, milk proteins and hydrolyzed collagen, three sources that will bring to the metabolism all the amino acids necessary to support protein synthesis and therefore the regeneration of muscle tissues. Then the carbohydrate content is instead represented by different types of compounds as you can see from the relative nutritional table.

Crunch Bar: crunchy, tasty and nutritious for tasty snacks

The main rationale for products like this does not lie in nutritional values, in any case of all respect for being a bar, but in the ease of use and good taste that will serve to reduce diet stress and facilitate the achievement of results. Especially during periods of weight loss, psychological support is at least desirable, as after months of restrictions your mind wants to savor something good, but still nutritious and junk-free.

So an energy support and plastic substrates is certainly ideal not only to trigger and sustain all those anabolic and ergogenic mechanisms, but also to reduce the stress induced by the diet that ultimately has a negative effect on your mood and on the production of cortisol , known as a stress hormone. This last aspect is far from secondary and given that cortisol has a strong proteolytic component, ie of degradation of muscle mass, and therefore must be kept under control.

Nutritional focus on Crunch Bar Warrior Nutrition

Now let's see in detail the main ingredients present and their nutritional characteristics, and then:

  • the protein blend of milk proteins with a high content of essential amino acids, hydrolyzed collagen for the elasticity of connective tissues and the protein soy isolate enriched in methionine to avoid determining amino acids limiting protein synthesis;
  • polyols, low-calorie carbohydrates to supply energy to the product but without insulin changes, can have laxative effects, so do not exceed the dose on the label equal to two bars per day;
  • 6g of saturated fat per bar and only 0.33g of added salt;
  • maltitol, a natural sweetener obtained from hydrogenated maltose.

Finally, remember that bars in general and substitute meals such as this must be used occasionally in the context of a correct and varied diet, since in any case they are supplements and therefore must be assumed in their sole function which is to add this which is lacking in a diet already in itself correct and balanced. In addition, in some cases it is inadvisable to use them as there are certainly better products designed specifically for the different situations, we refer in particular to the post-training phase, as already mentioned above. To conclude, a brief summary of Crunch Bar:

  • 20g of net protein from blend noble sources;
  • 25g of carbohydrates including 21 polyols;
  • sweetened with maltitol and free of aspartame;
  • ideal for afternoon snacks;
  • delicious taste and crunchy texture.

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Crunch Bar 12x64 gr

Crunch Bar 12x64 gr

Crunch Bar energy protein bar with 20 grams of protein from noble sources, excellent as a meal replacement to keep the nitrogen balance always in positive

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