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Mutant Whey is the new supplement based on whey protein with amino acids and glutamine

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Mutant Whey is a unique blend with 22 grams of protein per serving with five types of micro-filtered concentrated protein serum that promotes muscle growth and recovery by increasing nitrogen retention and bringing a high amount of essential amino acids.

Mutant Whey presents high quality protein serum to guarantee a supplement that brings real benefits to your workout by improving recovery after intense training sessions and activating protein synthesis.
Mutant Whey whey protein rich in glutamine and bcaa amino acids

The Mutant Whey have been formulated for all those athletes who want to maintain or increase muscle mass by protecting it from catabolism, it produces an anabolic effect thanks to the high protein concentration present in its blend containing two patented formulas specifically studied:

- NitroSerum: complex based on serum concentrated proteins rich in phospholipids, capable of naturally stimulating the growth hormone production, favoring the development and recovery of muscle mass.

- ActiNos: patented formulation of hydrolyzed serum proteins that have the ability to stimulate the enzymatic function responsible for the synthesis of nitric oxide, consequently increasing blood flow, improving the distribution of nutrients in muscle tissues and favoring greater oxygenation.

The Mutant team took several months of testing and analysis to create a formulation based on different protein sources that can bring the right amount of amino acids to the muscle in the shortest possible time. The combination of concentrated, isolated and hydrolyzed proteins makes this unique protein capable of being rapidly absorbed in the intestine and making a large concentration of amino acids available in the blood stream.
By providing a continuous flow of amino acids the muscles will be fed for many hours ensuring the protein intake needed by an athlete engaged in long duration and intensity sports. By now in the public domain the importance of proteins in an athlete's diet, being the only macronutrient with a plastic function (of construction) must be introduced daily and in large quantities, which is why hiring Mutant Whey can really help you in meeting your needs .

The whey proteins that our body is able to assimilate in a very short time aim to prevent the loss of muscle mass after intense and prolonged training sessions. This type of protein means that the body in the case of energy needs does not go to affect the proteins that go to structure the muscle fibers protecting the muscles from the loss of lean mass consequently hindering catabolism.
Features of Mutant Whey

    Rapid absorption whey protein,
    rich in essential amino acids and bcaa,
    high quality of raw materials,
    excellent melting and taste.

Taking Mutant Whey

Being a rapid assimilation protein supplement, it is recommended to use it after training and during breakfast to rapidly supply amino acids to the body. Dilute 1 scoop of Mutant Whey in 200/250 ml of water or milk.

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