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The best fat burner on the international market ideal for weight loss produced by Nutrex

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Lipo 6 Black 120 cps by Nutrex Research, the thermogenic that gave a definitive breakthrough to weight loss, this product will attack your fat on different fronts by literally tearing it to pieces, try it and you will see in the mirror a radical change in your body with only one capsule per day, due to the particular liquid formulation of said capsules which determines a very rapid absorption but also a total use of the active ingredients, such as caffeine, forskolin, etc.

The main ways in which Lipo 6 Black aims to improve weight loss results are two, the first concerning thermogenesis and the second relating to a direct effect on adipose tissues, both however determining in a different way a noticeable reduction of body fat and and now we will see how relative to the different ingredients and according to their specific characteristics.

Lipo 6 Black: how you increase thermogenesis with caffeine and theobromine
What is thermogenesis? It is a mechanism mainly dedicated to the production of heat in order to maintain body temperature within certain physiological levels, but what has all this got to do with weight loss caused by Lipo 6 Black? The answer to the question is rather simple, in the production of heat a quantity of energy is spent which contributes to reaching a negative caloric balance which is the fulcrum of fat reduction. It must be understood that without said negative balance lipolysis, ie the disintegration of adipose tissues, will not be possible.

Having clarified this fundamental concept we come to the method by which caffeine and theobromine stimulate said heat production; these two elements have a direct, though mild, effect on thermogenesis, but in reality the main cause that determines the true result in terms of energy expenditure is given by the ability of these ingredients, especially caffeine, to stimulate the production of catecholamines, which specifically are able to increase the basal metabolic rate by about 15-20%. This still translates into greater calorie consumption.

Synephrine and forskolin for Lipo 6 Black Nutrex

Although the action of the elements on said is already very effective in itself, and especially when combined with regular exercise and even a low-calorie diet, the effects of this supplement on fat loss are not yet over, in fact thanks to the presence of 'bitter orange extract and Coleus Forskohili, Lipo 6 Black will trigger the breakdown of triglycerides in a time that will amaze you, but let's see how these two ingredients work:

for several years some scientists have discovered that at certain stages of maturation the bitter orange extract contains significant amounts of synephrine, this substance of the sympathomimetic category that holds strong appetite-reducing properties, so not only more caloric expenditure thanks to what about said, but also less daily food intake;
the second element is a plant, this vegetable contains forskolin, an active ingredient that acts, among other things, directly on the fat tissue by activating lipolysis, a process by which triglycerides are degraded to fatty acids and glycerol.

Use, side effects and synergy with other supplements

Perhaps we start from the topic that most interests the sportsman, namely, how much and when should I take the Lipo 6 Black? Nutrex recommends from one to three capsules a day a day to get the effects on the said, but this being a supplement that contains different stimulating substances (see caffeine) it is necessary to test the specific sensitivity to the product; to date many customers tell us that they do not experience, even with the maximum dose, any side effects, while others have experienced a sense of anxiety, tachycardia and small tremors, nothing more compared to what, in certain people, could occur with a cup more coffee than usual. The moments of desirable use of the thermogenic are in the morning and before lunch, do not take a few hours from sleep.

Finally we see how it is possible to amplify even more the effects of this effective slimming; certainly a product with which to combine it is the carnitine, because, thanks to the lipolytic action there will be in circulation high levels of fatty acids that must, also to optimize the energy performance, be conveyed in the mitochondria, this precisely function deputy to carnitine. In summary the features of Lipo 6 Black 120cps:

stimulates thermogenesis and caloric expenditure;
increases the basal metabolism;
promotes more efficient lipolysis;
supports the production of neuro-stimulating elements.

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