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MMG Glutamine 500gr is a Glutamine powder

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MMG Glutamine 500 gr is a product of DJ Nutrition, a company that can boast the experience of the body builder Dennis James, known champion. This product is ideal in the post workout recovery phase in addition to the classic snack with whey protein and Vitargo.

Several studies have repeatedly shown that glutamine is an amino acid that, although not essential for the body, is a very valuable aid for protein synthesis and also acts as a real muscle fuel.

After intense training the blood levels of glutamine drop significantly and with them also the protein synthesis is inhibited to the point that, in the sports field, we must consider this amino acid as an essential, given its wide metabolic use.

MMG Glutamine: not just protein synthesis
Of course the main, and perhaps most interesting, effect of the product is related to the direct plastic support, but it is also true that the same holds a series of other properties that make the body builder antennas rise, and therefore:

  • stimulates the release of Gh in an indirect way, in fact it raises the blood levels of glutamate and arginine which are direct natural precursors of this powerful anabolic and lipolytic hormone, excellent for helping the growth of muscles and the concomitant reduction of fat;
  • it speeds up the glycogen resynthesis, a glucose polymer that is stored in the muscles and in the liver and represents one of the main sources of energy to be used during physical activities;
  • supports the immune defenses that are put to the test by heavy workouts;
  • facilitates the elimination of those toxins that accumulate in the muscles due to physical fatigue;
  • it hydrates the cells favoring volumization and nutritional exchanges within the tissues.

There is also another factor to consider, glutamine is glucogenetic, this means that it can be used as an alternative energy source when carbohydrates are lacking, just as happens during periods of low-calorie diet to lose weight.

How to amplify the effects of MMG Glutamine with synergies
We have stated the different effects of glutamine, now we see how it is possible to amplify them by adding specific other supplements that work in synergy with each other, and therefore:

  • to support protein synthesis, add branched Bcaa enriched in leucine, amino acids that represent about 40% of the total skeletal musculature and are therefore indispensable for its regeneration;
  • as a major stimulus to gh you can opt for a well-known pair, citrulline and ornithine, two other amino acids that act together to cause a massive release of somatotropin;
  • to help the immune defenses of vitamin C and echinacea will be absolutely optimal;
  • to volumize the muscles, try pairing with gicerol, taking with it a lot of water otherwise you get the reverse effect that is dehydration;
  • to support physical recovery in terms of resistive capacity, beta alanine will act positively.

Finally, let's see what dosages are optimal for MMG Glutamine: 5g a day is the recommended and best dose, which will cause maximum benefits and without any undesirable effects.

To summarize:

  • only pure glutamine in free form;
  • essential for those who practice sports activities;
  • it helps protein synthesis;
  • it stimulates GH release;
  • it supports the glycogen resynthesis;
  • it rehydrates muscle tissues;
  • it reduces physical fatigue.

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MMG Glutamine 500gr is a Glutamine powder

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