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Animal Whey is a whey protein supplement enriched with amino acids and digestive enzymes to maximize absorption and anabolic effect

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The company Universal Nutrition has added Animal Whey to its range, a supplement based on whey protein of high quality and solubility. This food supplement has been formulated by Universal technicians to meet the needs of veteran weightlifting athletes, making a large amount of amino acids useful for nourishing the muscles and as anabolic catalysts for each scoop. This is a mixture of isolated whey proteins obtained by cross-flow microfiltration, supplemented with concentrated and ultra-filtered whey.

Animal Whey also has a blend of digestive enzymes inside it to determine the complete and total metabolic absorption of the nutrient. The standard imposed by Universal Nutrition in the production of the supplement in question was to obtain an easily digestible, soluble product without neglecting the taste; for this reason, this product has a delicious and unique taste. Another very important feature is the high content of branched amino acids Bcaa, Macronutrients essential for protein synthesis and to support energy performance.

Animal Whey to optimize the post workout in bulk

Certainly we can certainly say that apart from what has been said so far, there are two main characteristics that distinguish Animal Whey from many other protein powder supplements, first of all the method of extraction from whey and according to the speed of release of the amino acids; let's see in detail what these peculiarities mean:

cross flow microfiltered, is the only method of mechanical filtration of whey that leaves the chemical structure of amino acids completely unchanged, this means that the aminogram contained in the product will not only be very similar to the spectrum of human muscle, but will have such a high bioavailability that practically 90% of the amino acids can be used in the form in which it is found and without being retransformed by the body, furthermore the low fat, lactose and carbohydrate contents facilitate its implementation in diets for weight loss;

Quick release, just a few minutes after the supplement is taken, amino acids will be present in the blood stream five times higher than normal, so as to avoid muscle catabolism and immediately activate all those processes that lead to hypertrophy.

So these are the two main features of Animal Whey, but how can we use this product to help maximize the "anabolic window"? The method by which you will be able to develop all the anabolic potential of this protein, is as simple as it is functional for the purpose, it is just a matter of taking it immediately after the workout together with insulinogenic nutritional sources, that is foods, or better in this phase integrators, which give rise to a copious production of insulin or that we know mimic the hypoglycemic action of this hormone. Two obvious examples are carbohydrates with a high glycemic index such as Vitargo or taurine.

The anticatabolic effect of Animal Whey Universal, exploit it during the diet

There is also another use that can be made of this supplement, namely that in pre-training as an antiproteolytic and support for energy production; in fact, in diets for weight loss carbohydrates and calories in general are greatly risotto, this method is very effective in activating lipolysis, but it is equally effective in degrading muscle tissues if precautions are not taken. To avoid this situation, Animal Whey intervenes in a positive way by supplying all the essential amino acids to prevent protein catabolism and support gluconeogenesis, that is, an alternative way of producing glucose from non-carbohydrate substrates, ie amino acids. Finally a brief summary of the features of Animal Whey:

  • only isolated and undenatured whey proteins;
  • enriched with serum-protein concentrate and Bcaa;
  • fast release of amino acids;
  • ideal in mass post training;
  • supports the anti-catabolic action during the diet.
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