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Protein Nutty is a delicious snack rich in whey protein and with limited intake of fats and carbohydrates produced by Protein Works

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Protein Nutty 12x40g The Protein Works is one of the best and tastiest nutritional solutions, when it comes to tasty protein snacks, this product is made only with natural plant-based ingredients and whey for the protein fraction. If you need to eat something after a long period of diet, to give vent to your sweet tooth, these pralines are for you. In fact it will not seem to you to assume something dietetic, how much they are good and crunchy, but as always you will not have to exaggerate in order to remain within the set caloric range.

Made with top quality and non-denatured proteins, this snack not only satisfies the taste of your palate, it will also provide you with an excellent plastic support, in fact there are 26g of net whey protein present per 100g of product, which will be used to sustain the balance of the nitrogen always positive, but also to help recovery in general, given that the high amino acid content is necessary for protein synthesis but also for a whole series of other chemical reactions that we can trace back to hypertrophy or muscle maintenance.

Protein Nutty: excellent dietetic organic food

You can decide for yourself when and how to take these protein pralines, but always remember to take into account the calories you take, because they are the ones that count in order to induce lipolysis, having said that we recommend using a food like this in the context of diet to lose weight, where in addition to having a plastic effect of amino acid intake, it will help you never get rid of your nutritional program, with positive effects also on the psychological side, far from secondary after long periods of diet.

In fact it is known that after months of dietary restrictions and a diet characterized by anything but appetizing foods, the psychological factor can become determined, both from the point of view of the continuation of the diet, and as regards the stress it causes. In diets to lose weight there are two goals, to reduce body fat but also to keep the muscles already acquired. Since psychophysical stress can increase the production of cortisol, it is considered to take precautions so that this catabolic hormone is not secreted in excessive amounts by demolishing the muscle tissue.
A protein product like this as well as providing you with many amino acids needed for maintenance, will also reduce the proteolytic possibilities.

Other interesting elements of Protein Nutty

Besides what has been said about the characteristics of these protein pralines, we cannot forget the presence of some essential micronutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, and in detail we talk about:

  • zinc, a micronutrient associated with the synthesis of energy and physical strength, also together with magnesium seems to contribute to the modulation of the natural production of testosterone, a fundamental hormone for muscle growth;
  • iron, one of the most abundant minerals in the body, is connected with the transport of oxygen and therefore with physical performance, but carries out many other metabolic functions;
  • copper, less well known than the others but still important, is in fact directly connected with muscle contraction in very high intensity activities, such as those that characterize weight lifting.

Finally the presence in Protein Nutty of the B vitamins, micronutrients that perform numerous functions, among which we point out that of greater sporting interest, concerning the involvement of B6 in the metabolism of amino acids.

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