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Gat Amino GT is an amino acid blend with Bcaa, arginine, glutamine and green tea extract, to provide anabolic, energetic and antiproteolytic support; excellent pre, intra and post workout

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Gat Amino GT 390g will henceforth be your unique and irreplaceable source of fuel to improve performance in the gym; this product is not the usual amino acid plus vitamin B6, but it is a mixture wisely dosed by this company, and made with branched Bcaa of pharmaceutical grade and purity, glutamine in free form, arginine hydrochloride, taurine and betaine anhydrous, HICA and compounds to improve absorption.
Completely free of carbohydrates and fats this product lends itself very well as pre-intra and post-workout.

Valine, leucine and isoleucine, known as Bcaa, will serve to provide adequate anabolic, anti-catabolic and energy support through gluconeogenesis, glutamine will act as a support to protein synthesis, to the immune system and to the prevention of overtraining, arginine will act as a stimulator of nitric oxide and GH, taurine and betaine as moisturizers and insulin-like, and Hica as a very powerful antiproteolytic. So by taking this supplement, the only thought you will have will be to consume the enormous amount of energy that will be provided to you, so as to better stimulate muscle growth.

Gat Amino GT: pre intra workout function

The ingredients are always the same, but their characteristics will also vary according to the moment in which you will take them, and therefore if before, during or after training; let's look at the specific cases, starting with pre intra workout:

  • the Bcaa will support gluconeogenesis, a mechanism that synthesizes glucose in the liver when glucose stocks are lacking, this effect is particularly welcome when one is on a hypoglucid and low-calorie diet;
  • glutamine will help keep workout-induced psychophysical stress levels low and act as muscle fuel;
  • Arginine by increasing the nutritional intake to the muscle, will give a boost to the synthesis of proteins and of ATP, fundamental processes for an efficient performance and that gives excellent hypertrophied results;
  • the green tea extract will give a lot of energy as it is rich in caffeine, which among other things in this particular form has greater bioavailability and half-life;
  • taurine and betaine will hydrate the body catalyzing all those chemical metabolic reactions that are activated during exercise;

HICA, it is a sub metabolite of leucine, with a strong antiproteolytic component, therefore it inhibits the demolition of muscle tissue.

After the workout add carbohydrates to Gat Amino GT

What has been said so far is related to a more than anything energy and anticatabolic use of the product, but as mentioned above, the characteristics of this supplement also make it an effective post workout. In fact, at this juncture you will be able to take advantage of a whole series of other features that will help you regenerate your tissues and energy supplies much faster, in a recovery phase, let's see:

  • the branched will activate anabolic signaling, myogenesis and also an increased production of endogenous testosterone, factors that determine a much more efficient recovery;
  • glutamine supports glycogen resynthesis, the main raw material for muscle storage for the energy synthesis of Atp;
  • pumping promoted by arginine involves the greater presence of nutrients in the muscle, therefore it is also indicated in the recovery phase;
  • HICA, especially if you are on a diet, will provide antiproteolytic support avoiding the degradation of acquired muscle mass.

In this context, however, we must absolutely remember that in order to obtain the results on these it is necessary to convey the nutrients contained in Gat Amino GT into the cell, by means of insulin thrust. Therefore, take a source of carbohydrates with a high glycemic index that will stimulate the release of this hormone, promoting the efficiency of metabolic use of the product.

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