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MPA Menace Pre Attack is a supplement to improve pumping, physical endurance, mental focus and explosive energy. Contains beta alanine, citrulline, caffeine and tyrosine

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Directly from the USA comes the new DJ Nutrition line, MPA Menace Pre Attack 300 g flavored powder is the definitive formulation to improve your workouts. Enough with sacrifices in the gym that do not produce results, from today with this product you will experience a new approach to intense training, prepare yourself to be amazed. Pumping with citrulline and arginine, neurotransmission with two types of caffeine, explosive energy from tyrosine and physical resistance from beta alanine.

All of this supported by your food program to increase mass, will inflate your muscles beyond measure, you will feel biceps and pectorals burst during weight training, and without any side effects. The only trick to take, since the supplement contains caffeine and tyrosine, is to not take it too close to the evening, or you will have trouble getting to sleep.

MPA Menace Pre Attack: maximum vasodilation with 4 g of pumping agents
Going in the order of quantity present we realize that the two main ingredients are citrulline and arginine Akg, two amino acids that work very well in synergy to naturally stimulate the release of nitric oxide. From this you will have a greater flow of blood into the muscles and the consequent better nutritional intake which in turn translates into a much more efficient energy synthesis and therefore a high intensity performance.

Recall that a workout becomes effective for the purpose of hypertrophy only where a large amount of motor units is exhausted, and to obtain this result it is essential to maximize the intensity. But this is only the principle of the action of the product in question, in fact:

caffeine and 500mg of l-tyrosine, mental concentration will be assured and also a better oxygenation of the muscles mediated by the intervention of catecholamines of which caffeine is a precursor;
beta alanine will guarantee explosive energy and an additional nerve push to tackle grueling workouts;
theanine will help prevent the possible side effects of these two compounds, as it is a precursor of GABA, a neurotransmitter that relaxes the nervous system;
trans resveratrol will prevent the very high intensity of training from giving rise to the accumulation of massive amounts of free radicals, molecules that can be harmful to health.

Resistance and hormonal thrust with MPA Menace Pre Attack
Of course it remains to understand that to fully exploit the anabolic energy potentialities mentioned above, physical resistance is required, that this product will provide you with 2.5g of Carnosyn's patented beta alanine. This is an amino acid that acts as a precursor of carnosine, a dipeptide formed by it and by histidine, another amino acid. The properties of carnosine are known in sports, and related to the reduction of hydrogen ions that are contained in lactate and that determine muscle failure. To better explain the action of beta alanine, it should be noted that, on average, when the failure occurs, energy stocks have not been consumed by more than 35%, a percentage that can double with this last ingredient.

Finally, let's not forget the presence of calcium fructoborate, a particular mineral that is recently being studied due to its properties, including that of supporting and optimizing the endogenous production of testosterone, a powerful anabolic hormone that increases lean mass and physical strength.

Let's look at the features of MPA Menace Pre Attack in brief:

Brand DJ Nutrition
Made Made in USA
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prodotto eccellente ottimo pump e resistenza prezzo ottimo



Se cerchi resistenza e focus e il prodotto giusto


Ordine Angela

Ottimo prodotto !!!!
Dj Nutrition ottima marca come sempre !!!
Ottimo sapore arancia-mango !!!


Non male

Buon prodotto per il pre work out, da una bella spinta per l'allenamento.



Eccellente pump ottima stimolazione e massima resistenza a sforzi intensi.



Veramente HARD il meglio per allenamenti intensi di lunga durata. L esplosione di energia è costante e duratura, senti dopo 10 minuti l effetto della citrullina. Consiglio si aumentare a 300 350 ml la dose d acqua per allenamenti oltre i 40 50 minuti.
Ragazzi provatelo e capirete fi cosa sto parlando.

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Prodotto molto valido

Ottimo pre-whorkout, se preso nella dose corretta( in base al peso e alla persona) da i risultati che ci si attendono

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Ottimo preworkout

Lo aquisto già da tempo

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Ottimo prodotto

Lo consiglio

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