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Myofusion Advanced Protein is a blend of whey protein and micellar casein produced by Gaspari Nutrition

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Gaspari Nutrition, a leading company in the international scene in the production of innovative food supplements, after several years of studies and research, has formulated Myofusion Advanced Protein, a mixture of high quality proteins that ensures rapid absorption.

Milk protein whey is the best naturally occurring protein source, having the highest biological value, equal to 110 V.B., and more complete amino acid profile, this means better nutrition for the muscle and lower recovery times.

Why buys Gaspari Myofusion Advanced Protein?

The company Gaspari Nutrition over the years has gained notoriety and fame thanks to the quality and selection of the raw materials used. Myofusion Advanced Protein presents 5 different sources of high quality proteins that make this supplement ideal in post-workout by quickly bringing amino acids to the muscles. The protein blend of Myofusion Adavnced Protein has inside both whey proteins, isolated and hydrolyzed, the best existing, which ensure a rapid absorption by the body, both micellar caseins, which are gradually digested releasing amino acids into the blood stream for an extended period.

Those who carry out physical activity have a daily need for protein that is difficult to satisfy only through a correct diet, for this reason it is advisable to take Myofusion Adavanced Protein, each scoop provides 24 grams of quality protein, without added sugar and colorings. Moreover Gaspari has formulated Myofusion Advanced with low quantity of fats and completely gluten-free, making it usable also to people allergic to this protein.

As icing on the back, protease and lactase, basic digestive enzymes for correct digestion and assimilation of milk proteins are present in Myofusion Advanced Protein.

Gaspari Myofusion Advanced Protein intake:

As we have specified above, Gaspari has formulated this supplement with 5 different sources of protein making it useful at different times of the day. We recommend taking Myofusion Advanced Protein in the morning at breakfast, usually a low-protein meal, and in post-physical activity, when the body needs amino acids. Simply dilute a scoop equal to 24 g in 200/250 ml of water / milk to obtain a delicious shake.

It is also possible to take Myofusion Advanced Protein as a snack or "break hunger" because it contains micellar caseins, giving a feeling of prolonged satiety. In addition to the 908 gram format, the Gaspari Myofusion Advanced Protein 1.8 kg format is also on sale.

The features of Gaspari Nutrition Myofusion Advanced Protein:

  • 5 different sources of high quality protein,
  • whey isolate and rapidly absorbed hydrolyzed proteins
  • micellar caseins for a gradual release of amino acids,
  • completely gluten-free, dyes and additives,
  • low in fat and easily soluble.
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