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Hi-Pro Olimp's powder pancake is aimed to prepare tasty highly concentrated in whey protein pancakes 

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Hi Pro Pancake 900 gr by Olimp is the smart choice for those who want to start the day in the best way, a food rich in protein powder (as much as 41%) specially designed to cook delicious protein fritters. Many consumers will think that pancakes are a food full of fats, carbohydrates and preservatives, or that they are not suitable for athletes, as they usually use fat, such as vegetable margarine or butter, when cooking these pancakes.

From today, on the other hand thanks to this micronized powder protein pancake formulated by Olimp, you will be able to quickly and easily cook a food with a high protein content, deriving from protein sources of high biological value and low lipid content. These peculiarities make this food ideal for all those who are about to face a fitness or bodybuilding competition, or simply for those who are performing a low-calorie diet.

Hi Pro Pancake: delicious and tasty protein pancakes

As already underlined it is very important to remember again how this food can be prepared in a short time and at any time of the day through the use of a simple non-stick pan, without the addition of fat-rich oils. Unlike others that are called high-protein, this pancake is formulated only with the best protein sources rich in high biological value amino acids.

A 60g portion contains 25g of protein including concentrated whey, hydrolysed whey protein, powdered egg white protein, which is a perfect synergistic blend capable of supplying the muscles with amino acids, slow, fast and gradual release; the best protidico blend possible for what concerns the continuous support of plastic material to your muscles.

Below we describe in detail, 5 valid reasons why it is recommended to hire Hi Pro Pancake

  • Delicious and easy to prepare;
  • contains a perfect protein blend;
  • reduced intake of fats and sugars;
  • does not contain synthetic additives;
  • soft consistency;

How to cook Hi Pro Pancake by Olimp Labs

Being an easy and quick food to cook, it can be easily prepared at any time of the day. Olimp recommends preparing these delicious protein pancakes in the morning, in order to start your day in the best way, providing the body with everything it needs after the long night fast. To cook the product it is suggested to mix a portion (equal to 60 grams) with 85ml of water, stirring vigorously so that the mixture becomes homogeneous, without the presence of any lump.

After this operation, pour Hi Pro Pancake into a non-stick pan and cook over medium heat until both milks are properly cooked. This product is already very tasty in itself, but if you want it, you can enrich the pancakes with products such as maple syrup, jams or delicious Walden Farms branded creams, completely free of calories that they can satisfy and enrich again with plus, your breakfast.

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