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Menace Intra Attack is an intra workout blend consisting of essential amino acids and plant extracts with a strong antioxidant action, ideal for avoiding proteolysis and supporting energy

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Menace Intra Attack 360g DJ Nutrition is a mixture of essential amino acids enriched with taurine, theanine and plant extracts with the aim to support physical performance, avoid proteolysis and give strength to multiple effects that we can undoubtedly lead back to a better sports performance. With this product you will be able to reach your maximum ergogenic potential, thus increasing the intensity of training and with it the depth of motor recruitment.

Looking at the ingredients, it is easy to deduce that the supplement in question is applied both as a mass anabolic and as an antiproteolytic in definition supplement. We also do not forget the 2g of taurine, a compound which, besides favoring the similar insulin boost, is also a good precursor of nitric oxide.

Menace Intra Attack: anabolism and muscle pumping
Let's start with the two main effects of this supplement, namely the endocrine-mediated thrust of leucine, and the pumping force deriving from taurine, which will specifically get you:

from leucine, direct support for protein synthesis and the sending of anabolic signals such as mTor, higher endogenous testosterone production, decreased cortisol, increased strength and physical endurance;
from taurine, greater endogenous release of nitric oxide, therefore vasodilation and higher nutritional levels in the muscles, but not only. In fact, taurine is also an excellent moisturizer and therefore increases the volume of muscles.
Then there is the presence of the "Spectra" blend, a blend of plant extracts with powerful antioxidant energetic action, to provide support to the performance but also to reduce the potential damage from free radicals, small molecules that in excessive quantities cause serious damage to the tissues, up to procure neoplastic diseases. Antioxidant agents are often present in products for athletes, as the high psychophysical stress induced by training is a reason for the production of radical molecules, whose reduction is expected to be acceptable.

The glucogenic component of Menace Intra Attack
For the rest, this supplement will act as an alternative energy especially during periods of caloric and glucose restrictions, when your body looks for energy sources to use instead of carbohydrates for ATP synthesis. These sources are represented by amino acids such as valine, isucine and many others present in this supplement. The compounds in question will not only support the synthesis of chemical fuel, but will avoid that it can be produced starting from the amino acids contained in the musculature, which in this way would be reduced in size.

Finally, let's see what synergies can be exploited to amplify the specific effects of Menace Intra Attack, both in terms of increasing the mass and preserving it and concomitant fat reduction, and therefore:

  • for protein synthesis, you can add glutamine, an amino acid that is directly related to the construction of new tissues;
  • for pumping, a blend of arginine, citrulline will make your biceps burst while you train;
  • for the prevention of catabolism you can add HMB, a sub-metabolite of leucine with known antiproteolytic properties.
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Ti accompagna dandoti energia pervtutto l allenameno, preso e ripreso!! L unico e solo su citymuscle TOP



Perfetto da combinare con il Pre-Wo mantiene focus elevato ed energia anche per allenamenti oltre le 2h! Molto gustoso


Si sente l appoggio energetico

Preso intra ti fa arrivare fino alla fine del tuo allenamento senza affanni! Ottimo



Gusto scialbo ma qualitativamente ottimo


sempre energia e fiato

recupero durante l allenamento, senti l energia fino alla fine !!!

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MIA Menace Intra Attack 360 gr

MIA Menace Intra Attack 360 gr

Menace Intra Attack is an intra workout blend consisting of essential amino acids and plant extracts with a strong antioxidant action, ideal for avoiding proteolysis and supporting energy

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