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Vitadapt Nutrex is a multivitamin and mineral with a high concentration, ideal for maximizing physical performance, well-being and health

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Vitadapt is a multivitamin and mineral produced by Nutrex Research with the aim of supporting health and improving sports performance. It is a complement containing only the best raw materials, made up 100% of essential micronutrients, elements that our body is not able to synthesize autonomously, let alone stock them, and it is therefore necessary to take them daily.

We recall that a vitamin or mineral deficiency can cause serious health problems in particular in the long term, while from the sporting point of view, even a reduced presence of these substances can favor the onset of undesired effects such as asthenia, headache and muscle cramps. We also highlight that micronutrients are correlated with a multitude of chemical metabolic mechanisms, many of which are connected with energy synthesis and resistive capacities, we go into detail.

Vitadapt to maximize protein assimilation
Observing the nutritional values ​​of the supplement, two main peculiarities are immediately noticed in terms of support to the performance and the results connected to it. We are talking about a greater assimilation of amino acids, especially the branched, and of an optimized Atp production, for which:

all the vitamins of the B group are correlated with a complete metabolic assimilation of the plastic substrate, fundamental for reconstructing the muscular tissues that are damaged during anaerobic physical exertion as well as resistance, albeit at a lower percentage;
zinc and magnesium are involved in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate cellular energy, a vital energy source for humans in short and intense activities.
Then there is the presence of potassium and calcium, which are essential for helping physical exercise; the first is an electrolyte that regulates the level of intracellular fluids, provides the frequency of the heartbeat and participates in the processes that determine muscle contraction. Calcium, on the other hand, is the most abundant mineral in bone tissue and determines its density, which means that it gives the skeleton stability and ability to withstand load stimuli.

Reduction of oxidative stress and resistance with Vitadapt
Let us now concentrate on the factor of reduction of free radicals, which when produced in excess, can generate oxidative stress which consequently, in the long term, causes serious health problems due to premature aging of the tissues. Science states in this sense that an excessive production of radicals is to be connected to the onset of many neoplastic pathologies.

Also with regard to the resistance to fatigue, or to the endurance of psychophysical stress such as that induced by heavy training, the supplement proves to be a valid ally thanks to the content of three natural extracts, the Ashwagandha, the Schisandra and Rhodiola rosea, vegetables used in naturopathy for their remarkable adaptogenic properties. Suffice it to consider that in China, these substances have been used for a very long time in men to increase their productivity in the rice harvesting fields. To finish we recommend taking three capsules in the morning after breakfast with a glass of water. Below is a brief summary of Vitadapt:

complete, rich in all micronutrients;
added with adaptogenic plant extracts;
improves performance and fatigue resistance;
counteracts the excess of free radicals.

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Sensazioni buone, ci si sente più attivi, anche per merito degli adattogeni, multi vitaminico veramente qualitativo


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valori elevati per il multi vitaminico della Nutrex in versione americana

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