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Fury Pre-Workout is a blend of anabolic amino acids, pumping elements and metabolic stimulus, enriched with anhydrous caffeine for neurotransmission

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Fury Pre-Workout is a blend of anabolic amino acids, pumping elements and Fury Pre-Workout 320g by Universal Nutrition is the innovative pre-workout formulation derived directly from the American experience of this well-known brand. It is a blend of amino acids enriched with caffeine, compounds that, albeit in different ways, will support your physical performance from different points of view, and later we will see them one by one even with regard to the ingredients that cause them.

A dose of about 17g of flavored and well soluble powder contains the following nutrients, instantaneous branched Bcaa, l-citrulline, beta alanine, l-tyrosine and anhydrous caffeine, so nothing pharmaceutical or that could damage the body of a healthy and adult individual. Only for caffeine we report a small trick; being a stimulant it should not be taken too close to the hours of sleep, otherwise sleep problems could occur.

Fury Pre-Workout: plastic and glucogenetic support of branched, but not only!

Let's start with the main ingredient, that is branched chain amino acids. These are essential macronutrients for the body, and they are even more so for those who perform intense physical activities aimed at increasing the mass, as they represent about 40% of the total musculature present in man. Furthermore, isoleucine and valine, are glucogenic, this means that they can be used as an energy substrate in place of carbohydrates in order to release glucose into the blood, thus supporting the production of Atp energy.

We also have 6g of citrulline, another amino acid that is commonly used in pre-workouts. In fact it is an effective precursor of nitric oxide, a dilating vessel substance that is secreted by the body when the arterial pressure is too high. This compound therefore promotes a greater inflow of blood into the muscles, and with it even higher nutritional levels, which ultimately have a positive effect on all those biochemical metabolic reactions that lead to the growth and maintenance of the muscles.

A little clarification on this mechanism of muscle pumping, in order to prolong the half-life of nitric oxide you can add a dose of vitamin C, about 100mg may suffice, so you will amplify the effect. But be careful because the greater energy supply resulting from the Bcaa and citrulline, may not be of much use if you are not able to use all the fuel.

This is why beta alanine was added, another amino acid that is a precursor, together with l-histidine, of carnosine, a dipeptide that significantly improves physical resistance by reducing the presence of hydrogen ions which are one of the main causes of muscle failure anticipated. Consider in this regard that, on average, when contractile impossibility is manifested, energy has not been consumed by more than 35%, a percentage that can also double with the intervention of beta alanine.

Caffeine and tyrosine for Fury Pre-Workout

Finally we see the two compounds of neurotransmission, an alkaloid and again an amino acid. Caffeine and tyrosine are able to significantly modulate the endogenous production of catecholamines, neurotransmitters that improve the preparatory state for physical exercise, increasing the threshold of mental attention, promoting greater oxygenation of the blood and increasing cardiac output. Now a brief summary of Fury Pre-Workout:

  • supports energy provision;
  • increases muscle pumping;
  • improves physical endurance;
  • provides mental focus
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Animal Fury 320 gr

Animal Fury 320 gr

Fury Pre-Workout is a blend of anabolic amino acids, pumping elements and metabolic stimulus, enriched with anhydrous caffeine for neurotransmission

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