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Stretch slimming belt perfect to combine with the creams of the Pro Tan line

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The Steelfit Technical Band (Waist Trimmer) brings beneficial shapers and aesthetics, developed to help reduce the abdomen while we exercise because it allows fat burning through the neoprene lining. It is manufactured to offer comfort due to its design that has no seams or cracks, is placed around the abdomen increasing heat production and circulation. The reduction of fat is guaranteed if it is gradually accompanied by diary exercise, helping in turn to flatten the abdomen, raising the figure by compression, giving immediate results.

The Steelfit Technical Band (Waist Trimmer) can be used by women and men, provides effective protection during gym exercises or weight training, stimulates sweating in the abdominal area, maintains body heat and eliminates toxins resulting in a toned skin. It is manufactured with neoprene because it is an excellent thermal insulator and allows it to be worn for several hours, it has a highly breathable technology to absorb sweat, prevent unpleasant odors and offer an enchanting effect of freshness while practicing at the gym. It has a network coating that provides greater moisture absorption, it also has a Velcro closure that guarantees a perfect adjustment.

The Steelfit Technical Waist Trimmer (Waist Trimmer) offers the desired results by constantly using a routine of exercises and a healthy diet, in this way you will define your abdominal muscles, you will shape and stylize your body, it will help you improving your posture and styling your body will help you improve your posture and avoid back and belt injuries produced by performing high impact or weight lifting exercises, one of the main advantages is its aerodynamic design because it allows you to move and slip in a natural way when making any routine.

Properties of the Technical Band (Waist Trimmer) by Steelfit

  • Increases circulation and production of heat and sweat
  • Made of neoprene, no lattex
  • Coated with nets
  • It does not absorb bad smells
  • Unisex and attractive design
  • Shape the outline of your body
  • Improves posture
  • Shows a toned appearance
  • Durable 
  • Prevents injuries

The Steelfit Waist Trimmer brings important advantages and benefits with the aim of shaping your body, smoothing your abdomen and practicing in a practical and safe way recommended for high intensity routine or those based on aerobic training.

Recommendations for use: Place it around the abdomen, adjust tightly, preferably during physical activity and sports training. Easy to wash, dry in the shade.

Brand Pro Tan

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