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Carnigen Natural Carnitine is a great tasting and very effective blend designed to improve metabolism and recovery.

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BEST SELLING CARNIGEN™ NATURAL ELITE ENERGY AND RECOVERY CATALYST Carnigen Natural is a great tasting and highly effective carnitine blend designed to enhance metabolism and recovery. It contains four types of carnitine to support fat loss and to give your physique the edge that you’ve always wanted.  

Evogen Nutrition is known for its pure innovation and strong supplements. Carnigen is the latest in carnitine free of stimulants and powerful ultra premium, which uses the latest carnitine formulation technology to convert fat into energy, without artificial sweeteners or flavors.

To improve the absorption and the precise matrix carnitine shift, Carnigen presents essential vitamins, minerals and bioavailability enhancers to trigger its dramatic effects. It is the perfect solution to lose fat before training or do cardio. Rambod has come up with the best carnitine solution that covers a combination of four forms of carnitine to help elevate your body to the next level. It tastes delicious.

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