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Evovite Evogen is a high concentration multivitamin and mineral mixture with added beta alanine, a substance capable of improving performance in terms of fatigue and resistance

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Evite 60 high bioavailability tablets, is a product made by Evogen only with qualitative raw materials. It is a mixture of essential micronutrients enriched with beta alanine, an amino acid that promotes physical endurance. This product is formulated purely for sport, although vitamins and minerals generally help the body's state of well-being.

From supporting the production of ATP, through the reduction of oxidative stress and up to modulating some anabolic hormones such as testosterone, these are just some of the functions that these nutrients carry out inside the body, and that we can undoubtedly reconnect to a performance better physics. Of course, as always, you will have to use the supplement as part of a correct and varied diet program, as no supplement should ever be considered as a total substitute for diet.

Evovite Evogen: atp, radicals and hormonal modulation
As we said above, vitamins and minerals, among other things, can help a number of factors that are connected with ergogenic action, that is, to improve sports performance. Take for example the three most interesting effects, and then:

  • catalysing the synthesis of Adenosine Triphosphate, a very high energy molecule that is indispensable in short and intense physical activities such as those that precisely characterize body building;
  • reduction of radical molecules that cause oxidative stress, a condition that in the long term affects the aging of tissues and can cause serious damage. For science not at home, these molecules represent the main cause of tissue degeneration that results in neoplastic diseases. This aspect is also of great sporting interest given that the heavy training makes us produce considerable quantities of these radicals;
  • improvement of the relationship between free and bound testosterone. This effect is due to the triad of zinc, magensio and pyridoxine, known commercially with the acronym ZMA. Recall that the vast majority of this hormone circulates in the blood linked to SHBG, proteins that deactivate its anabolic component.

There are then a whole series of other micronutrients that you can find reported in the relative nutritional table on the left of your screen or, in the mobile version of the site, in the tab "nutritional values". Remember not to exceed the recommended dose, in fact some types of vitamins, specifically liposoluble, can become toxic to the liver if taken in overdose.

Why beta alanine in Evovite Evogen
The product is specifically formulated to improve sports performance, and the presence of beta alanine is clear evidence of this. In fact, there would be no health reason to implement this amino acid which in the body serves almost exclusively for the synthesis of carnosine, a dipeptide that acts as a buffer reducing the acidity in muscle environments. Specifically it decreases the hydrogen ions that are contained in the product lactate due to physical fatigue and which lead to early muscle failure.

We conclude with a brief summary of Evovite:

  • 100% essential micronutrients for the body;
  • enriched with Carnosyn's patented beta alnina;
  • ideal for supporting power and endurance performance;
  • provides all the daily needs for vitamins and minerals;
  • modulates hormone release with ZMA and vitamin D3.
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Evovite Evogen is a high concentration multivitamin and mineral mixture with added beta alanine, a substance capable of improving performance in terms of fatigue and resistance

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