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EVP Extreme pre workout super concentrated is rich in stimulants, including yohimbe and compounds for pumping, physical strength and endurance, as well as a blend of electrolytes to hydrate the fabric

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EVP Extreme 401 gr by Evogen is the new pre-workout formulation even more concentrated and effective, a product that acts on different fronts to determine the maximum intensity potential, to promote motor recruitment and with it muscle growth for hypertrophy. It is a supplement that contains many ingredients all notoriously effective in their various purposes, ranging from nerve stimulation, through muscle pumping and up to greater strength and physical endurance.

Citrulline, Huperzine A and theobromine, a triad of compounds that support the release of neurotransmitters by providing mental concentration, explosive energy and fat mobilization for energy purposes. In this way the product lends itself very well also to intensify the training during the slimming phase, and not only in the periods of increase of the mass.

EVP Extreme Pre Workout: three amino acids for monstrous pumping
If you are a training enthusiast for muscle pumping, you will know very well what is the effectiveness of the blend of compounds that we are now going to see. These are the best precursors of nitric oxide, a gas that is normally self produced by the body when the blood pressure is too high. Let's talk about arginine silicate and citrulline salified with malic acid. The three amino acids will give rise to a copious production of nitric oxide to stimulate the flow of blood to the muscles and with it the supply of plastic and energy nutrients. From this we obtain, and it is easy to understand, an exceptional improvement in physical performance.

In order to maximize the pumping action of the integrator, there is a source of ascorbic acid equal to 250mg, a micronutrient that in this case has been implemented in the product to prolong the metabolic duration of nitric oxide, otherwise quite short. Thus you will get the maximum pumping during the performance.

As regards instead the production of Atp energy, physical resistance and protein synthesis, there are three distinct active ingredients in this sense, and therefore:

  • 2g of fermented leucine, it is one of the Bcaa, the best in terms of myogenesis support and also to a whole series of other effects that have a positive effect on the results in the gym. A striking example is the improvement in the relationship between testosterone and cortisol, the activation of mTor and the decrease in Doms;
  • 2g of anhydrous creatine, that is water-free. This is a tripeptide that acts by supplying the phosphate groups for the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate, but it is also an excellent volumizer;
  • beta-alanine 1200mg, patented by Carnosyn, is an amino acid precursor of carnosine, a compound that reduces hydrogen ions at the level of the musculature, resulting in greater resistive capacities, it is considered in this regard that normally at the onset of muscle failure energy stocks were not not even 50% consumed, a percentage that with beta alanine can reach almost 100%.

Rehydration of fluids and neurotransmission with EVP Extreme
Let's now see the other ingredients of this concentrated formula, we are dealing with three different minerals in the form of glycerol phosphate, then magnesium, potassium and sodium, three electrolytes that will regulate myocardial contraction and re-hydrate the tissues during training, catalyzing all of them those reactions that lead to the production of energy in real time.

From the point of view of nerve stimulation, the bark extract of Pausinistalia, one of the most powerful plant neurostimulators, will be present, which will give rise not only to a mental focus from the sample, but also to the degradation of fat for energy production purposes. Then we have theobromine and Huperzine-A, two more plant-extracted nerve stimulators, to support the release of catecholamines and inhibit the degradation of acetylcholine mediated by an enzyme known as acetylcholinesterase.

In summary the properties of EVP Extreme Evogen:

  • increases the intensity of the workout;
  • available in three flavors;
  • acts on muscle pumping;
  • increases strength and physical endurance.
Brand Evogen
Made Made in USA


Evogen ,per me il miglior marchio in assoluto,prodotti ottimi



Ottimo preworkout ma soprattutto consegna superveloce e ottimi prezzi



Pre work out MIGLIORE IN ASSOLUTO ????????????



Hany è il numero 1 pre workout potente imbattibile


Evp extreme

Vale il soldi spese. Rimango 3 ore in palestra sempre carico e a tiro

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Vale, sia per il prezzo e sia per quello che fa, il focus si sente, il pump è estremo Hany Rambod non sbaglia mai

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