Releve Joint Complex 30 Capsule

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MHP Releve Joint Complex supplement based on plant extracts and collagen useful for improving joint health, strengthening them against possible ingiury

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Releve Joint Complex MHP is a supplement for the health of the joints formulated with patented ingredients that improve the approach to training and sports preparation, indicated both as prevention and as treatment of traumas and injuries.

Among the ingredients we find the undenatured type II collagen (UCII), the Mangosteen extract and the brand new patented Fruite-XB complex, a highly bioavailable form of calcium fructoborate, an essential mineral for bones and used by the body as a cofactor in the functions of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.
Releve Joint Complex for better joint wellbeing

As with all MHP formulations, this new supplement is also characterized by innovative ingredients, the standardized and patented complexes of this product, in fact, work in perfect synergy to improve joint health and well-being from the first days of integration. Analyzing in detail the intervention of the type II Collagen contribution, several studies have shown a much better intervention compared to the formulation based on Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the Fruite-XB complex intervenes instead to improve the assimilation of Vitamin D improving the calcium fixation inside the bones.

From the first weeks of integration, therefore, this product improves the athlete's joint well-being, the health of cartilage, tendons and ligaments that are frequently stressed by the efforts of sports and for this reason are often affected by traumas and minor injuries.

Releve Joint Complex by MHP is characterized by its rapid action, thanks to the Mangosteen extract, in fact, as evidenced by recent studies, it is going to inhibit the cytokines NF-KB and Cox-2, responsible for the inflammations that cause pain and swelling. Mangosteen is a natural element known for its anti-inflammatory properties, very suitable for treating joint pains.

Excellent element to reduce the inflammations affecting the joints, this ingredient intervenes in a few days on the reduction of pain and swelling, it is therefore very suitable to intervene quickly on small traumas of sports. The mix of ingredients of this supplement improves joint mobility, supports bone and cartilage health and intervenes with specific nutrients on the synthesis of minerals and vitamins essential for bone health.

Unlike the classic Joint Support formulations, which only supplement the sugars that form the synovial fluid that acts as a buffer between the joints, this supplement intervenes to improve the synthesis of vitamin D and to favor the fixing of calcium in the bones. It is useful both for the prevention and treatment of injuries and to limit nutritional deficiencies of specific elements due to particular diet conditions.
Features of Releve Joint Complex

    Joint well-being supplement
    With Type II Collagen, Mangosteen Extract and Complex patented Fruite-XB,
    Rapid action to improve joint mobility,
    It intervenes after 5 days to reduce pain and swelling.

Releve Joint Complex MHP is a very suitable supplement for all sportsmen who are in a condition of chronic pain with inflammation and swelling. Suitable for preventing and treating traumas that can force training to stop, it can be supplemented with a maximum dosage of 2 capsules per day combined with meals.

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Releve Joint Complex 30 Capsule

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