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Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid is a fast-release liquid carnitine enriched with pantothenic acid, indicated as a non-stimulant slimming agent for the nervous system.

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Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid from GAT is a free form carnitine supplement enriched with pantothenic acid, a vitamin associated with the synthesis of fatty acids.

This product is a non-stimulant slimming agent for the nervous system and reduces free radicals, particularly reactive oxygen species that attack high-energy tissues.

This is obviously a supplement that is widely applied together with a hypocaloric and hypoglucid diet which alone increases the amount of fatty acids released into the blood.

Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid: how it works

Carnitine in general is one of the best slimming and energetic supports that can be found on the market and does not act on the nervous system.

This last aspect is very interesting for those who do not tolerate nutrients such as caffeine, which in some people can actually cause disorders, such as insomnia and muscle tremors, which are quite annoying.

With carnitine you will not have these concerns, in fact it is a compound that acts by selecting, collecting and transporting long chain fatty acids from the blood flow into the lipid beta oxidation plants, where they are transformed into energy.

It is interesting to note that said fatty acids could not be burned without the intervention of carnitine, which then turns out to be a compound with double effect, faster disposal of fat and aid in the synthesis of energy.

But the product is also characterized by a strong antioxidant component to control free radicals.

This factor is desirable in both sports and health, given that heavy physical activities make us produce large amounts of radicals and that they are responsible for the aging of tissues.

Let us remember that radical molecules are considered by official science to be one of the main factors that in the long run lead to tissue degeneration and the consequent neoplastic pathologies, therefore we deduce the importance of keeping them under control.

Use, dosages and synergies of Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid

You can take a dose of product in the morning before breakfast and an aerobics session on an empty stomach, or introduce the same pre-workout dose to provide some of the energy you need.

The dosage to use is the one indicated on the label, do not increase the dose otherwise you will not only not have any further benefits, but you will probably go to experience side effects of gastro intestinal type.

Finally we see the possible synergies to amplify the action of Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid:

  • to accelerate the use of fats and their disposal, add thermogenic, GH and testosterone precursors, but also other plant extracts that decrease appetite;
  • as direct energy support for Atp synthesis, creatine test, known ergogenic tripeptide.

Finally, to enhance the antioxidant effect of Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid there are several nutrients you can combine and therefore:

  • vitamin C which besides being also an exceptional antioxidant contributes to the endogenous synthesis of carnitine, therefore a direct and indirect effect;
  • n-acetyl cysteine, an amino acid that acts as a precursor to glutathione, the only endogenous antioxidant available to our body;
  • coenzyme Q10, in addition to controlling excess radicals, makes the fat burning mitochondria larger;
  • resveratrol, tocopherols and taurine, other powerful and effective antioxidants.

Finally we remind you that it is not only sports activities that make us produce radicals, but there are a number of factors to which we are exposed despite ourselves, see for example air pollution and the rays of the sun, which is why a product like Essentials L-Carnitine Liquid can be used also by sedentary subjects.

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