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Mr Hyde Nitrox pre workout designed to optimize physical performance through increased pumping and higher neurotransmitter response, excellent both for increasing the mass and maintaining it

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Mr Hyde Nitrox of Pro Supps is the new pre-workout formulation of the well-known brand famous for the effectiveness of its supplements. It is a blend of amino acids, creatine and nerve stimulants to optimize intense performance and bring it to a much higher level.

With a single dose of powder at about 40 minutes from the workout, you will provide your metabolism with a real plus, both in terms of pumping and of energy synthesis and neurotransmitter support, just so you will reach your maximum ergogenic and anabolic potential.

So muscle pumping, improved Atp production, greater resistive capacity and higher mental concentration to leave the problems of everyday life out of the weight room, this is what you will get with the product in question.

Mr Hyde Nitrox: what this new pre workout formula contains
As we always do, let's take a closer look at the ingredients of the supplement and their nutritional characteristics, and then:

1g of arginine silicate and citrulline aspartate, these are two non-essential amino acids that act by helping each other in stimulating nitric oxide, a powerful compound dilating jar;
2.5g of beta alanine to optimize the release of nitric oxide but also to improve physical endurance since it is also a carnosine precursor.
From the first three elements mentioned you can expect a higher level of nutrient supply to the muscles mediated by an increased blood supply to the tissues, which will lead you to experience a real plus both in terms of energy support and plastic tissue regeneration.

Moreover, thanks to beta alanine, you can intensify the workout by reducing the hydrogen ions that are contained in the lactic acid produced as a result of physical fatigue. Let us remember, however, that this effect is appreciable only in resistance activities and not in those of power which are of an anaerobic alattacid nature.

We then have a net gram of creatine per dose, it is the most well-known ergogenic factor in sports nutrition, a macronutrient that provides the phosphate groups necessary for ATP synthesis and mediates cellular volumization by hydration, in order to improve performance also through the catalysing of nutritional exchanges that occur in the presence of water.

Nerve stimulators and neurotransmitters for Mr Hyde Nitrox
Now is the time to examine more closely all the other active ingredients of the product, starting from those compounds, caffeine, which are commonly found in pre-workouts, and then:

410mg of caffeine from different sources, a real energy boost, this compound acts mainly on the natural release of catecholamines such as adrenaline, a neurotransmitter that significantly improves the state of preparation for physical exercise;
choline, theanine and acetylated tyrosine, three elements also involved with neurotransmissions as precursors of either Gaba, catecholamines and acetylcholine.
Finally, remember not to hire Mr Hyde Nitrox too late in the evening as the caffeine dose is quite massive and could cause insomnia problems for particularly sensitive individuals. We summarize briefly about the integrator:

only natural non-pharmacological ingredients;
to be taken only before training;
acts on muscle pumping and energy;
contains caffeine over 400mg;
do not exceed the doses on the label;
ideal both in mass and definition.

Brand ProSupps USA
Made Made in USA

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