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Supplement formulated to reduce body fat

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Crash produced by the well-known American manufacturer Pro Supps is a supplement based on natural compounds that help promote the phases of sleep combined with a fat-burning action as well as maintaining a healthy adrenal action maintaining normal cortisol levels avoiding muscle catabolism.

Pro Supps Crash has been formulated with quality extracts imported from India where these extracts have a rich history of use in Ayurvedic medicine known to be a complex medical system that aims at prevention and treatment aimed at physical well-being in harmony with nature.

Pro Supps Crash supplement to improve rest and promote thermogenesis
With the frenetic pace that today's society imposes on us, it is increasingly difficult not to accumulate stress that also limits our rest and keeps our state of mind low, Crash acts positively on these two important factors, promoting physical and mental well-being by raising in this way our standard of living.

The ingredients of Pro Supps Crash
- produced by the brain from the pineal gland regularizes sleep cycles. Calm brain functions and promotes relaxation allowing deep sleep, cellular repair, growth hormone release and protein synthesis to be achieved.

- Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (P5P): an active form of vitamin B6, composed of various enzymes and plays an important role in protein regulation, helps to convert L-Dopa into Dopamine and Gaba. By controlling the absorption and metabolism of amino acids P5P promotes cellular repair by promoting brain function. It also strongly supports fat metabolism, the formation of red blood cells and also contributes to strengthening the immune system with the formation of new antibodies.

- Kapikachu: herb also known as a natural aphrodisiac, it supports the health of the nervous system and favors the formation of a positive mood.

- Alpha GPG: mainly used to promote cognitive functions and memory. Recent studies have also shown that it supports growth hormone levels by promoting muscle strength, balance and coordination.

- 5-HTP: (Hydroxytryptophan) promotes healthy levels of serotonin. 5HTP is known as a neurotransmitter that promotes a state of well-being and happiness. It also promotes a healthy appetite.

- Evodiamine: chemical substance extracted from nine species of trees of the Rutaceae family that have shown to reduce the absorption of fats with thermogenic and metabolism stimulating action without incurring in side effects. Evodiamine also increases the number of serotonin transporters that promote and regularize sleep phases.

- Phosphatidylserine: capable of considerably lowering cortisol levels. It belongs to the class of phospholipids that constitute cell membranes, in fact it allows a more effective communication between neurons facilitating the transmission of nerve impulses. Noteworthy benefits are also given to the restoration of mental abilities due to aging. Recent studies have also shown that taking phosphatidylserine promotes a state of relaxation and calm.

- The Green: Green tea has its origins in China where it has been used for over 4000 years. It provides numerous antioxidant benefits by promoting cognitive functions and bone structure. Green tea is also known as an excellent agent aimed at the loss of body fat accelerating the metabolic functions favoring thermogenesis.

- L-carnitine: carnitine is known to be a fundamental element for fat loss as it shares fats to be used as energy. Carnitine transports excess fats from cells to mitochondria where they are burned for energy production. Carnitine is also an excellent antioxidant as it reduces the oxidative stress that comes from free radicals. It also supports muscle mass and promotes energy production.

- L-Tryptophan: essential amino acid which acts as a precursor of serotonin a neurotransmitter responsible for mental functioning. It promotes blood flow to the brain and is responsible for the breakdown of fatty acids in adipose tissue. It also promotes sleep and muscle recovery.

- Valerian: a herb commonly used to support the phases of sleep as it acts on the receptors of the brain to promote relaxation and physical well-being. Valerian is also used to prevent muscle cramps by promoting physical performance.

- GABA: neurotransmitter that calms the central nervous system able to block feelings of anxiety and stress, favoring relaxation and physical well-being. It also promotes the release of growth hormone by supporting muscol anabolism

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