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PS Whey whey protein highly concentrated in fast assimilation essential amino acids, produced by Pro Supps

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PS Whey is the new protein supplement of the Pro Supps brand based solely on isolated and concentrated whey proteins of the highest quality useful for promoting the achievement of the daily protein requirement in people who exercise.

Proteins are the macronutrient that plays a main role for all people who play a sport as they are the only source of amino acids that perform important functions for the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.

Pro Supps PS Whey high quality whey protein
The importance of protein supplements in an athlete's food plan is now in the public domain for this reason they are the most sought after and purchased products in the world of sports supplementation. As all studies show, a person who performs physical activity, even if not competitive but only to promote psycho-physical well-being, has a higher daily protein requirement than a sedentary person because by stimulating muscle fibers through training, the body requires a higher amount of amino acids for their maintenance.

The amino acids chemically speaking have a plastic function, that is, of construction, the bond between them forms the protein and are responsible for the nourishment of the muscle fiber; practically during training sessions the repetition of contraction and release of muscle fiber creates micro-injuries that are repaired precisely by amino acids creating a thickening of the fiber and therefore muscle growth, this process is called hypertrophy, much sought after especially by people who perform bodybuilding.

The choice made by the Pro Supps team of the raw material for this supplement was not accidental since today whey is the best protein source in terms of nutrition and bio-availability. It is the best in terms of nourishment as it has the highest biological value of all other animal and vegetable sources, it practically contains the highest concentration of amino acids, with a prevalence of those defined as essential, the part that the organism is unable to synthesize alone and therefore requires external integration.

In addition, whey proteins also known as whey protein, such as PS Whey, are the best solution for post training as they are easily assimilated by our body and on average 30 minutes after taking them are available to the body in the stream blood, this translates into the right amount of amino acids useful for promoting muscle recovery and activating protein synthesis.

To make this formulation excellent and different from the many protein mixtures on the market, the Pro Supps company produces PS Whey with a very low intake of gluten allowing the use even for slightly intolerant people, also the raw material is extracted through a double filtration obtaining a powder very fine highly soluble in water thus avoiding the appearance of lumps and foam.

Features of Pro Supps PS Whey
100% whey protein,
fast assimilation,
high concentration of essential amino acids,
useful for improving muscle growth,
highly soluble.
As previously described, their rapid assimilation makes it the ideal protein for post-workout when the body needs a high amount of amino acids. In order to obtain a delicious protein shake, dilute 1 scoop equal to 33 g in 200/250 ml of water or milk.

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